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Dynasty Heroes: Legend of SamKok

Dynasty Heroes is also an RPG game that takes you, the gamer, on an adventure full of romantic elements.

To make history, you must recruit and train hundreds of heroes from different regions and kingdoms to fight together.

With different powers and combos, you have to be the strongest.

For more details, here is the review.

Dynasty Heroes RPG game with different elementsDynasty Heroes game

As an RPG game, you get an unusual and different adventure than most similar games.

What makes it even more interesting, there are tons of heroes to collect that have different powers.

Style of playDynasty Heroes gameplay gameplay

In terms of gameplay, you can control three kingdoms at once during a war.

Of course, to get the win you have to have a lot of heroes and a strong and precise line-up.

You don’t need anything complicated or just a few taps of your finger to move.

Simple and easy, that’s the gameplay that it has.

Lots of heroes

As mentioned earlier, this game has tons of heroes ready to fight with you for victory.

Of course, to get these heroes you have to recruit and train them to get stronger.

There are more than 140 heroes in total.

How interested in playing this game? Not just a battle, but also a romantic element that you will find in this game.

Like what Just give it a try by downloading it from the link below.


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