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Dragon Mania Legends | Care and fight with dragons

Dragon Mania Legends is a game where you can raise dragons and fight battles.

Not only can you raise dragons, but you can also build a city with dozens of your dragons.

This game has an atmosphere of building a city and fighting like an RPG game.

For the curious there is a detailed review here.

Divided into two partsDownload Dragon Mania Legends

As mentioned earlier, there are two parts in this game that you are involved in.

First you have to build a city and take care of the dragons that you have.

You can also set the city layout to your liking.

Second, you will also fight the dragon like in an RPG game.

How is it going to be?

Time basedDragon Mania Legends City

As with a city building game, this game also requires you to wait while you build a building or a city.

You can expedite development for an additional fee, folks.

If you don’t want to spend your money, you can speed up development by watching a video ad.

Whatever is important, the city is done quickly.

Dragon Mania Legends Dragon Character CollectionDragon Mania Legends characters

This game has a lot of characters that you can mix and match.

This also creates more different characters.

By collecting these characters, variations of your game will also be a lot more fun and you will never get bored.

What do you think? To play this game, you can download Dragon Mania Legends from the link below.


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