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Dota 2 Fountain Hook Legend, Danil Ishutin Positive COVID-19

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – The COVID-19 outbreak has terrorized the esports world again. Another professional athlete was infected with Corona. He is the legend of Dota 2, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin. Known as the creator of the interactive term “Fountain Hook”, the gamer has just announced that it has tested positive for COVID-19.

“Avoided Covid in 2021, but I finally caught it in 2021. It feels strange, but I’m fine,” said Dendi in his upload to Dendi’s personal Twitter account @DendiBoss, Friday (01.08.2021) early in the morning WIB.

This news is clearly not something fans want to hear, especially now that Dendi is focused on getting his Team B8 to the Dota Pro Circuit or DPC CIS in 2021. Right now, B8 has to fight their way through a crucial tournament to decide whether they will fight in the division: first or second.

B8 had to face several strong teams such as Gambit Esports, HellRaisers or NoPangolier. It is not yet known whether Dendi will continue to play for B8 or if his position will be replaced by a substitute.

As a reminder: The term “Fountain Hook” itself was coined when Dendi and his teammate at Na’Vi, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov at The International 2013. When Na’Vi competed in the semifinals (winning finals) against the TongFu team, TongFu who initially dominated the game but was eventually eliminated due to the interaction between Dendi and Puppey.

Dendi’s hero at the time, Pudge, had the ability to attract opponents with a chain (hook). While Puppy’s hero Chen can teleport a friend’s hero back to the base (well). If Chen sends Pudge to the base while Pudge is pulling the enemy, the enemy will also be pulled to the base due to a mistake. This term is called Fountain Hook and has been around in Dota 2 for a long time.

However, Na’Vi is the first team to use it in an international tournament. Despite the controversy, Valve itself stated, “If it’s in the game, you can use it.” Na’Vi eliminated TongFu before finally losing to the Allianz team in the final round.

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