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Do you want GB MMR Mobile Legends? Get ready to be banned permanently!

OKEGUYS – Mobile Legends are permanently banned for GB MMR players, better stop and repent now guys!

Game Boosting, or commonly known as GB, is an activity used to quickly and unusually increase the level, rank, or statistics of online game accounts.

Of course, this is often labeled an illegal activity by online game providers as it can create an imbalance in the game Matchmaking for other players who play honestly.

The most overcrowded MOBA game on the Android platform is no exception, like Mobile Legends, which actually has a lot of naughty gamers playing game boosting.

In an effort to crack down on this illegal act, Mobile Legends eventually stepped in and imposed fairly severe penalties on players caught playing game boosting.

Wow, what kind of penalties do you give Mobile Legends to that naughty gamer? Come on, let’s just look at the info folks.

GB MMR has been found to be permanently banned in Mobile Legends!

Mobile Legends GB MMR
Photo: Facebook / Laurence Basoy

Laurence Basoy, as MIL Global Head Manager of FB, Youtube & Tiktok at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, had created a lot after posting something on his Facebook account.

In his post, Laurence Basoy said that Mobile Legends will ban players who engage in MMR abuse or Game Boosting MMR.

Banned will be applied to players who run GB MMR automatically 10-man matchmaking or play 10 ML accounts on purpose and win one of the teams.

Players who misbehave with GB will receive 3 referrals. The first warning is blocked for 3 days. The second warning will be blocked for 30 days and the third warning will be blocked permanently.

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Well, that’s Mobile Legends’ new policy against naughty gamers doing GB MMR. Hopefully this guideline can make Mobile Legends a competitive game just for the players.

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