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Do you know These are the 5 best Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends !!

Are you a fan of the Mobile Legends game? Of course, if that’s true, you really understand the term counterattack or antidote in the game. When you play with Hero A, the enemy uses Hero B, and when you use Hero C, where the enemy brings Hero D. For those of you who are already good at it, you really need to know all of the heroes, including their qualifications and skills.

Knowing the hero counter is imperative because it will allow you to know the weakness of the enemy hero and of course you will be superior, for example, the enemy hero is a melee attacker and you need to choose a hero with a ranged attack. Well, you want to know the list of top counter heroes in Mobile Legends? Please read this article to the end.

These are the 5 best Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends!


Argus the antidote to snipers

First is Argus. Although you rarely see this hero, Argus is a candidate for a hero who can fend off many enemy heroes if you know how to play. So now you can’t harm Argus playing Mobile Legends!


Chou the stunner fighter

Chou is a fighting hero who can be classified as a tank or an escape helper. This hero is able to control the enemy by kidnapping him. As a result, Chou can make it difficult for enemy fighters to attack him.


Akai the Team Riot

There is also Akai, the Team Riot. This one hero is famous for his abilities that can damage the enemy’s state until it is destroyed. Akai is also the most suitable counter-hero to attack enemies using annoying heroes like Pharsa, Lesley or Fanny by installing items like Cursed Helmet or Immortality.


Natalia the magician butcher

Next comes the hero counter Natalia. If the enemy has magicians like Pharsa, Harley, Odette and Zhask, Natalia is the correct answer as she can confuse the magician. If you molest them, make sure you back out first so the enemy can find you. Do not forget to keep your distance so that the enemy does not focus on their formation.


Helcurt the Counter Clash

Indeed, Helcurt can play an important role in the event of a conflict. He has the Dark Night Falls skill to blind the enemy screen for 3.5 seconds. You can also kidnap enemies under these circumstances, including the enemy’s silent ability for 1 second when making a move.

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