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Difference and Comparison of Free Fire VS PUBG

If there are two games that use the same theme like Free Fire and PUBG, which game do you think you will prefer? Of course, you’ll first look for information about which games have more potential and suit your style of play.

Therefore, on today’s occasion, we will provide information on the two differences that can be clearly explained in the battle royale game Free Fire and the battle royale game PUBG. Listen carefully so you can figure out which game best suits your style of play.

Differences Free Fire VS PUBG

Any game that has the same style of play will usually have a difference. It doesn’t matter if it’s gameplay differences, character differences, weapon differences, system differences, and maybe many other differences.

Why is it done that way? So that every game has a “uniqueness” that the opponent’s games cannot have. The reason, of course, was that they were business rivals. So it’s only natural that every game has something unique and that its developers can be proud of.

So that you don’t get confused, we are going to fully describe the differences in the Free Fire VS PUBG game here.

Tickets Free Fire vs. PUBG

As far as the cards go, it’s actually up to each player’s taste, but cards from the PUBG game have cards that are larger than the Free Fire game, with a more fantastic graphic layout of course.

Below are some of the differences that we think can only be briefly explained apart from the Free Fire Vs PUBG cards:

The second difference concerns the graphics. Where the PUBG game is a war design that looks real while the Free Fire game is made with an animation setup. Now it is your turn to choose the type of graphics you want to play.

Free Fire VS PUBG Game System as we already know that every house has a “door” that someone can enter through. But in the Free Fire VS PUBG game, only the PUBG game uses a door system in every house, while the Free Fire game doesn’t have a door in every house.

Game mode Free Fire VS PUBG

Next, we will discuss the game modes available in Free Fire VS PUBG. By and large, the two games will of course have the same game mode, namely Solo, Duo, Party.

  • Solo = For players who play alone against other players.
  • Duo = For the player and the player’s friend (both) to face other players.
  • Party = For players and friends of players (three or four (to face other players.

What then distinguishes the game modes and makes the two games look unique. Usually they will take advantage of very interesting collaborative events. One example is the PUBG game event, which recently used a collaboration between “CAPCOM” and their “Resident Evil 2 Remake” game. So PUBG took advantage of this event to create a PUBG zombie mode game. More or less such an example.

Free Firearms VS PUBG

Next, we’ll discuss the gun differences between Free Fire VS PUBG. There isn’t much we can discuss about the actual guns as both games use guns that aren’t all that different from each other. But there are some guns that we believe are the best guns to use when playing in any of these games.

Recommended free firearms

  • M82B = sniper that allows you to kill remotely
  • VSS = Sniper Semi Range, which can fire bullets with a fairly small sound
  • XM8 = assault rifle with easy-to-use recoil
  • Spas12 = Automatic shotgun that is good for close combat
  • AK = the highest damage assault rifle but with recoil which is quite difficult to use for beginners

PUBG guns recommended

  • M416 = Best assault rifle in the game
  • AK = assault rifle with the highest damage that is not in stock (Groza supply weapon)
  • Kar98 = Sniper, which is easy to use even for beginners

If you look at all the differences described above, you can already see and assess them well. Which game best suits your style of play. Recall! Choose a game based on your preferences and skills so that you can enjoy it while playing the Free Fire VS PUBG game as well. This is an article from Gamefinity called “Free Fire VS PUBG? Pick Which, Let’s See the Difference and Comparison.” Please let us know and don’t hesitate to stop by our website for more information.

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