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Complete PS2 Downhill Domination Cheat Code Collection and Tips

Complete PS2 Downhill Domination Cheat Code Collection and Tips. Anyone who has played the game Downhill Domination, which is very popular on PS2, must have tried cheats so that they can finish immediately and try out all the characters, bike items and even streets that are used as bike racing stadiums.

For those of you who still don’t know how to use the downhill cheat, or who have forgotten this cheat but still want to quit this game, you can follow the full PS2 downhill cheat guide.

Downhill Domination PS2 Game Cheat Code Collection complete with icons and tips

Complete set of Downhill Domination PS2 Cheat Codes
Downhill PS2 Game Over

1. Activation code

Mandatory code. This cheat code has to be activated first, before other downhill cheats can be used.

Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right, Square

2. Unlock all characters

Instantly switch all characters, bikes, racing arenas in the downhill game.

Down, up, up, down, down, up, up

3. Anti-Garvity

Anti-gravity to slow the bike down when trying to land from a great height. This cheat is usually used to raise money by doing a lot of bike acrobatics in the form of flips and rainbow effects.

Down, triangle, square, square, up

4. High jump

Increase the height of the bike jump. Can go into space to be struck by lightning.

Up, X, Left, Square, Up

5. Super bounce

Gives the bike a bounce effect when it lands. Jump like a pocong dong wkwkwk.

Left, Square, X, Up, Triangle

6. Mega flip

Right, up, up, right, right, square

7. Super boost

Increase the speed by briefly using the NOS effect.

Down, left, left, right

8. Combat Upgrades

Up, down, left, left, right

9. Trick keeps growing

Down, left, left, right, right

10. Bottles

Received the bottle straight away as it was ordered online.

Up, down, left, left, right, right

11. Infinity bottles

Get unlimited bottles so you don’t have to go straight to the trash.

Up, X, Left, Left, Circle, Circle

12. Energy restoration

Restore lost energy to recover with regular rest.

Down, right, right, left, left

13. Unlimited energy

Unlimited energy, you can work hard all day without getting tired. Suitable for players who like to work overtime.

Down, triangle, left, left, square

14. No fight

Left, square, triangle, square, left

15. Cash

Get $ 2000 Invisible Cash. Good for buying gas.

Right, triangle, triangle, left

16. Auto-rich

Get big bucks instantly, even if you lie down unaided. Suitable for players who are lazy to work.

Right, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, Square

17. Speed ​​freak

Make the player’s bike lightning fast. Valentino Rossi can definitely be overtaken with this code.

Down, triangle, right, right, square

18. Increase the blow

Up, down, left, left, right

19. Mega punch

Intensifies the blow to give the effect of a deadly blow like Saitama. Auto makes other players koid or meninggoy directly.

Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Up

20. Get guns

Up, Circle, Down, X, Right, Square, Left, Triangle

21. Always in stock

Down, square, square, left, triangle

22. Extra smack time

Left, Right, Down, Down

Tips for playing the Downhill Domination PS2 game

1. How to Cheat Downhill PS2 End

  1. Please play single or multiplayer mode with the characters you like.
  2. When the race starts, use the cheat code “Decryption code“to activate cheats.
  3. Then use the cheat “Unlock all characters“for unlimited energy, unlock all characters, racing arenas and also all types of locked bikes.

2. How to do the flip style

  1. To jump off a cliff, press and hold the R2 button and the left analog button at the same time.
  2. After that, when you are almost at the end of the cliff, you need to release the R2 button and quickly point the left analog down.
  3. This way, you can do flip styles many times to make big money.
  4. If you want to flip the style in different directions, all you have to do is move the left analog by moving the opposite side. For example rotate the style to the right, then you need to hold the left analog first and then move to the right.

This is a guide about Downhill Domination PS2 Cheat Code Collection complete with icons and tips. Please try it out yourself and feel the joy of the nostalgic PS2 game world.

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