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Complete Free Fire Tier List, What Tier Are You In?

This is a complete list of the ranks in Free Fire. What stage are you, survivor?

Not only for fun with friends and other players, Free Fire can of course also be invited to play seriously with the ranked player system.

Animal rank is a symbol of a survivor’s skill or skill while playing FF. So the higher a Survivor’s level, the higher their skills in the game.

In FF itself there are 6 levels of levels plus 1 special level that only belongs to a handful of survivors.

The rankings and rankings are reset every season, so that every player has the same opportunity to occupy the highest level and the highest rank.

And now OKEGUYS want to tell you the full list of ranks in Free Fire, let’s just take a look folks.

7 Level Free Fire List That Survivors Should Know

1. Bronze

Bronze is the lowest level in the FF ranking system and is usually awarded to players who have just entered the ranked game mode.

The bronze level has 3 levels and you need to increase your Rank Point (RP) up to 1250 to advance to the next level.

2. silver

Silver is the second tier after bronze, and it can be said that there are still many players at this tier who are still learning to play FF.

The Silver tier also has 3 tiers and you will need to increase your RP to 1550 to advance to the next tier.

3. Gold

After silver there is a gold level, which is the third level in the FF rank. At this level one can say that the player already plays well in FF, but still has a lot to learn.

Unlike before, the Gold level has 4 levels and you need to increase your RP to 2038 to advance to the next level.

4. Platinum

Upon entering the Platinum tier, players of that tier already have a pretty good game as they are in the fourth tier in FF.

Just like gold, Platinum level has 4 levels and you need to increase your RP to 2538 in order to advance to the next level.

5. Diamonds

When you enter the Diamond stage, you will no longer see any low skill players. You will feel a very competitive game at this level.

Tier Diamond has 4 levels that you need to go through and you need to increase your RP up to 3125 to advance to the next level.

6. Heroic

Heroic is the final level that you can acquire by increasing your rank point during a ranked match. This is the rank before you reach the IMBA player level.

To get to the Heroic rank you need 3125 RP, which of course is very difficult to increase.

7. Grand Master

The last one is the Grandmaster Tier, which only belongs to the top 300 players in each region.

Grandmaster is the level of professional FF players who often take part in major tournaments.

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So these are the 7 ranks in Free Fire, starting with the lowest up to the level for the FF Pro players. So what’s your rank, survivor?

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