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Comparison of Free Fire VS Mobile Legend

In 2021 there are currently many kinds of games or games that are included in the Indonesian state. Games can now be categorized by type and model such as RPG, Action, Adventure, FPS, etc. Both online and offline games have their own variants too, sometimes there are online games that can be played offline and vice versa. There are many different game titles out there too, but we can be sure that the type of game that is being played will be similar to the title of the game.

On this occasion we would like to try to explain to you 2 types of mobile games that are very popular in many circles, namely Free Fire and Mobile Legend. In this article, we will compare the two games with the aim of understanding and identifying which of the two games suits your current personality.

Free Fire VS Mobile Legend game genre

Free Fire VS Mobile Legend

Before we move on to a more in-depth explanation of Free Fire VS Mobile Legend, we’ll first cover the genre of each game.

The first is the genre of the game called Free Fire. Free Fire (FF) is a game published by Garena, the game was created with a Battle Royale theme, which makes it even clearer that the game is a survival shooter game that can be downloaded from the Playstore or IOS. The Free Fire game is a shooter game, so it is certain that the game will need firearms to fight the enemies present, the weapon types and characters are already diverse at this point, allowing players to define themselves on the battlefield .

The second is the genre of the game called Mobile Legend. Mobile Legend: Bang Bang (ML) is a game from a developer called Moonton. ML is a type of game with a genre like strategy where it is more clear that ML is a 10 person multiplayer game that can be played online, also ML has many heroes that can be used or purchased with different hero skins . ML can be played and downloaded for free in the Playstore as well as on IOS on any of your devices.

Striking differences Free Fire VS Mobile Legend

From our explanation of the 2 game genres it can almost be seen and it is certain that the two games are not the same because the difference is very noticeable when you hear the mention of the game’s title. Free Fire from the title can be said and closed in Indonesian, is a game that prioritizes fire (firearms) as Free Fire is a third person shooter game that focuses on firing guns. The Free Fire game not only focuses on shooting, it also requires players to survive on an island with each of the other players who will appear on an island with the length of time available.

The very noticeable difference between Free Fire VS Mobile Legend lies in the combat area, where for ML itself it is a type of game that can win or lose in the end if each group’s base is destroyed. Each team will form 5 people consisting of each own and selected hero, and then they will fight with their chosen hero against the opposing party up to 5 people opposing team base. Skills, levels and items have a huge impact on the winning process in a game.

Conclusion Free Fire VS Mobile Legend

Each game can be played solo, duo or party. In order to complete the Free Fire game, players need to have a sufficiently sharp focus and gaze because this game forces you to always be vigilant on every corner of the island. The conclusion of the Mobile Legend game is that this game must have some cohesion with its teammates as this game wins if the enemy base is destroyed. Our conclusion on Free Fire VS Mobile Legend, the most important thing is how you taste because each of these games has its advantages and disadvantages.

This is our explanation of the two very popular games, I guess this article with this article can be one of your informational tools to learn the difference between Free Fire and Mobile Legend. The article entitled “Free Fire VS Mobile Legend, Check out the comparison and which one is right for you” by the Gamefinity team, please share it with all media and most importantly, do not hesitate to visit our page at to get more news.

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