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Canceled Reworked, Karina Mobile Legends exposed to the hidden nerf

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Heroine Karina has been rumored to receive a makeover or update in the Mobile Legends game. However, instead of reworking Karina, it is now rumored that she was hit by a nerf, also known as a hidden ability reduction.

From the circulating information, Moonton removes the effect on Karina’s 1st skill, which is used to withstand the enemy’s basic attack only during ranged attacks. In fact, this effect can resist damage from other heroes who tend to pump a lot of blood in late games, such as the Ability 1 that Aldous has.

However, Karina will still receive a buff or skill increase. It looks like the effect on the ultimate it has is about to change. So Karina will leave a blade and mark the enemy. Then that one hero can teleport himself directly when pressed.

So, before joining the in-game war, this update forces Karina users to target enemies who don’t have too much blood and then tag them. This is typical of hero-assassin characters.

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