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Can you play Minecraft Dungeons on a low spec PC?

Minecraft Dungeons game by Mojang released on May 26, 2021. This RPG game can be described as very exciting and very unique. In the Minecraft Dungeons game, it is very different from Minecraft.

Minecraft Dungeons can be called quite a difficult game, but can a low spec PC play this Minecraft Dungeons game?

I tested Minecraft Dungeons on Spec Intel Core i56200, Intel HD 520 and with 8 GB of RAM on the first try I got 60 fps in the intro video. But when the game entered the main menu I get around 11fps! The fps I got were very low and far from what I had in mind. I thought I would get at least 25 fps when I was in the main menu, but what I got was only 11 fps.

Eeeittss … but after character creation and starting the game the fps I got went up but only got 12 fps! and I immediately thought that with the low spec that I have, I can’t even play Minecraft Dungeons with left-justified settings. But after passing the cutscene, it turned out that the fps grew to 30 fps! and the game started smoothly, the fps occasionally dropped to around 1-3 fps, but the game was still smooth to play.

So I think that low spec Minecraft dungeons can still be played even though it has to be left aligned.

For game settings you have to set the game left-justified and even if you still get low fps, you can reduce the screen resolution to get high fps. However, I don’t recommend using a high screen resolution even if you get 30 fps because playing long games will cause your PC or laptop to heat up!

Well, that’s my experience with Minecraft Dungeons on a low spec PC. This Minecraft dungeon game can still be played on a low spec PC even though it only hits 30 fps

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