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Can check statistics and profile. How to Access the Free Fire Companion Website

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – The Free Fire Companion website recently launched as a beta feature for survivors. Although Garena promises that the website will help players improve their game, it seems that many players don’t understand how it works. GAMEFINITY.ID will be discussing these features in depth to learn more about the Free Fire Companion website.

According to an official statement from Garena, Free Fire Companion will allow players to check each other’s game performance, check the ranking of recent games, analyze fighting styles and share stats with friends.

Players can also find their favorite weapons and skills using the official data module. With the help of information and analysis, players are expected to make useful decisions in the game. Free Fire Companion will be able to access players’ game rating data from the time it is posted.

It can take a maximum of 1-2 days for a player’s current game performance to be updated in the database. Although the Free Fire Companion site feature has launched and is available to all players in the game, it is still in beta and being tested. Therefore, from now on, the analyzed values ​​serve only as a reference and do not represent official statistical judgments.

Players can find information about the number of kills, headshots, total damage, game mode, game time, winning percentage, weapons used and game results under the analysis tab. The combination of skills often used and recommended by professionals will help determine the approach to play in different modes.

To access the Free Fire Companion site, click the banner highlighted below on your Free Fire home page. The Fire Companion website’s free beta will be available from January 27th to February 11th.

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