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Build the latest Odette Hero items in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends have republished their new heroes, namely Odette. This magebased hero has a special build from the others. Because he’s more of a DPS mage, no burst damage. This hero can likely rival other full damage heroes like Harley and Karina heroes. As a master magician, Odette naturally needs a lot Where to always be able to attack and defend on the towers that Odette’s hero is guarding. Previously this hero was published on the Advanced Server, but before the publication on the original server, this hero apparently has a buff in his 3 skills, before there was no stun effect and now there is a stunt effect.

Speaking of building items, which items go well with this Odette hero? Basically the same as other Mage Heroes, but here we focus on the damage, so this hero is more useful in team combat. Because in the latest Mobile Legends update, the mage masters seem to dominate the game, before many mage heroes were underestimated by many beginners.

Guide Hero Odette Latest full damage

Since we are based on team fight and not the number of KDA, this hero is enough to destroy the enemy’s strategy with the skills that Odette’s hero has. My advice, when using this hero, you always have to work together as a team and never go for thrust towers alone.

Odette master leader

Build items suitable for Odette’s heroes include Enchanted Talisman, Arcane Boots, Frozen Wand, Lightning Bolt, and Blood Wings. Since Mage Heroes need a lot of mana early in the game, you will need to buy mana regeneration items early in the game so Odette Heroes don’t run out of mana when defending turrets or attacking opponents. This build has been shown to take tremendous damage in combat wars. The matching emblem for this hero is the magical emblem and the perfect combat spell, namely flicker / retribution.

Tips on how to use Hero Odette easily

A few tips from me for everyone who wants to use Odette heroes in ranked battles. At the beginning of the game you buy which items regenerate and take the lower path. Hero Odette is very suitable for working with hero tanks. But remember, the tips and tricks I am sharing are only for those of you who are really struggling to use this hero, not those who are already professionals. Here are tips for making an Odette hero easy to use.
  1. collaboration
  2. Establish good communication with the team
  3. Do jungle, this should speed up your level
  4. Don’t stay in the towers too often
  5. The best combo skills for this Odette hero are 2-1-3 and create them based on the situation
  6. Always look at the minimap
  7. Avoid disabled heroes, such as heroes who can stunt
And those tips and tricks for using Hero Odette are great. Establish strategy from the start when you play with your team. This hero is very useful when you have a team that uses a Minotaur tank hero. That’s all from me for the article on how to build an Odette hero item this time, if you have any questions please ask in the comments column, thanks.

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