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Build Item Hero Zilong Full Damage in Mobile Legends

Zilong is one of the most commonly used heroes in mobile legends, this hero is named Yun Zhao and has been replaced with the name Zilong due to a conflict with Riot. The build of the Zilong hero has to be right, because this hero is very influential to be invited into the match. Mistakes in the build can make this hero very weak and powerless. In fact, Zilong’s hero is a role fighter and has to defend himself. But in this build we’re doing full damage to this hero so he can pentakill in the match.

Hero Zilong has always been the favorite hero of mobile legends players, not because it’s free, but this hero is very helpful in team performance. That’s why a lot of people make an effort to choose a Zilong hero when choosing a team hero. Sometimes the careless build is the cause of this hero’s very poor performance. In fact, if you rely on the standard guide, it is better than the original Bada when it comes to choosing items.

The best guide to Zilong heroes at full damage

When choosing an item, you need to look at the enemy’s situation during the game. It is possible to make changes to the build if the game is even profitable. I only suggest if the build item is unsatisfactory for you this time, but in my opinion this is the greatest. But I don’t guarantee you will win because winning is just luck.

Build Zilong full damage

Build items suitable for Zilong Heroes, namely Star Shards, Hunter Strike, Berseker’s Rage, Scarlet Phantom, Brute Force Breastplate, Blade of Despair. All of these items are very suitable for Zilong heroes as this item is designed for Pentakill, which affects matches in matches. You can use Haas’ Claws to modify the defense scene to maximize it, but your defense will decrease. Not suitable, of course, because this hero is not a shooter who can attack from a distance. But you can feel the difference between my two suggestions above.

Tips for using Hero Zilong aka Yun Zhao

To get Petakill with a Zilong hero, you need to take a close look at the state of the game. If the enemy has shooters / support, aim at them first as they are very easy to hit at close range. As for the tips and tricks for the pros to master Yun Zhao, I will describe them below.

  • Make jungle monsters when you start playing
  • Use spells anger
  • Take the fight in no hurry
  • collaboration
  • View card
  • In the war, watch your opponent attack
  • Never be silent when there is no opponent, go into the forest

Those are some tips and tricks for using this Yun Zhao aka Zilong hero. It looks very simple, but it all depends on the team and the current situation. When your team is difficult to reach, it becomes very difficult for you. Keep giving the team opinions so they don’t fight when the opponent starts to dominate the game, but use tactics to create epic combos. Well that is the whole discussion of the full damage zilong hero build, if you want to have a discussion please comment in the column provided.

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