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Build Item Hero Roger Full Damage in Mobile Legends

Recently, Mobile Legends just released its newest hero, Roger. The perfect construction of Rogers Heroes can increase the skills of Rogers Heroes even further. Before that, this Roger hero was the only hero who had 6 different skills. In the third ability, this hero can develop into a wolf, his deadly claws can frighten the opponent. Not only does this hero look great in wolf mode, this hero also has great strength in normal mode. his sick shot and second ability that can run fast are very scary too.

However, there are still many people who are confused about how to use this hero because without a proper guide item this hero looks very weak. Mastering this hero is a bit tricky and requires good teamwork for the performance to be seen. This hero can be bought for just 24,000 battle points, which is a pretty cheap price for this great hero. If you bought it but are still confused, please see below for more.

Run Hero Roger with the best build version

My little advice before explaining which items are suitable for this Roger hero. When starting a match, you must first get jungle in order to get buffs in order for the damage effect to be stronger. Go with the user tank to get your first penta kill with Hero Roger. Indeed, in this Mobile Legends game, it is teamwork that determines victory during the game. So don’t blame the team if you lose; instead, feel guilty for not being able to lead the team to victory. If so, this is the build item suitable for Hero Roger.
Guide Item Hero Roger Full Damage in Mobile Legends

In the picture above I am wearing Haas’ claws, fast boots, scarlet phantom, windspeaker, immortality, blade of despair. All of the above items are very suitable if you are well connected with the team and doing jungle. Perfect articles and great collaborations can benefit both the team and you. The Roger Hero Guide described above has passed several build and test tests. According to the results of the experiment, the above build item is currently the best for the hero drugger.

Tips for using Hero Roger

Because using this Roger hero is quite difficult, especially now Mobile Legends is a bit problematic after updating the controls. I’m going to show you some quick tips for using this Roger hero. The thing that you should put in the first place when starting the game is the first skill as the goal is to increase the hero’s damage. If so, don’t be too hasty to defeat your opponent, especially when he’s surrounded. Try to be in wolf mode when fighting enemies at close range and long range in normal mode. Do the wolf mode when the opponent is in a mess and the order of skills to attack is skill 2 followed by skill 1 and I highly recommend using furry spells on this hero.

Well that’s the build item and a few tips for what I think is the best Roger hero and if you are not happy with this Roger hero build there are some other supporting items that you can combine. If you have any further questions about this Roger Hero Guide, feel free to comment carefully in the column provided.

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