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Build Item Hero Lancelot Full Damage in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends are releasing new heroes every week, Lancelot has just been released, and the build items are more or less the same as other Assassin Heroes. This Lancelot hero is an over the top hero, maybe one day he will be eliminated due to player guidelines or calls. Supposedly this hero Lancelot has a crush on Odette, because during the game he always says “Odette, beautiful Odette”. With this assassin role, this hero has abilities that are no less interesting than others. You could say that when you play this Lancelot hero will be added to the list of tires in ranked mode.

When we talk about building a Lacelot hero item, we need to set the equipment perfectly and it needs to have a high attack effect, it can be called full damage. Hopefully with good equipment it can help you be stronger in ranked mode. How do I build Lancelot hero items? see below.

Guide Hero Lancelot Full Damage

I am sharing this guide for the Lancelot hero, starting with the item guide and going all the way through on how to easily use the Lancelot hero. You can see the items in the picture below, but using this build you will need to purchase agricultural items in the early game to speed up your level.

Lancelot master guide

Items suitable for Lancelot’s heroes are Magic Shoes, Bloodlust Ax, Hunter’s Strike, Magic Blade, Malevolent Roar, Blade of Despair. The six items are very suitable for the hero lance plumb bob, as the assassin really needs cooldown reduction items in order to speed up his skills. Aside from that, Lacelot’s hero is also set at full damage, so he can fight with just one hit. Emblems suitable for Lancelot heroes can use Phys Attacks / Assassins. Use retribution on combat spells.

Tips to make Hero Lancelot easy to use

This hero is not only simple but also very easy to use if you know the tricks and tips. The perfect combo skills for this hero are 2-3-1-1. Lancelot’s 1st skill is also similar to Natalia, who is able to punch and run. So what are the tips and how to properly use Lancelot’s heroes to go wild, read the following review.

  1. Make roaming or jungle monsters
  2. Make sure your level is higher than that of the enemy or the team
  3. View card
  4. Aim at pesky heroes like marksmen, mages, etc during the war
  5. Don’t be silent on one line
  6. Make the enemy incapable of jungle
  7. collaboration

The seven tips above can help you get more professional with Lancelot Heroes in an easy way. Remember, these tips are only for beginners, not professionals. So if you have any further questions about the Hero lancelot, please comment carefully.

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