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Build Hero Harley items in Mobile Legends

Hero Harrley just released in the Mobile Legends game, the build item is a little different this time around from the heroes Zilong, Gatotkaca and others. Because the heroine Harley has a role mage who has very strong damage. Hero Harley has an ability like Hayabusa, but only in a different model. This hero is more suited to the role of sniper magician as it is an extraordinary combination of damage and magic when used by Harley heroes. Equipment must be correct or skills will not be maximized.

The Harley hero looks similar to the magician’s joker, his hallmark when throwing cards is reflected in the skills of this Harley hero. I will share the best build for Harley heroes for you, but don’t forget to farm monsters or jungle monsters so that their strength increases faster.

The Best Harley Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Best conversation, this is indeed the best build item for that one magician hero in my opinion. Since this hero is new, it takes practice to play him. Of course, if you get it into ranked match mode right away, this will be difficult for your teammates if you’re not a pro. I suggest practicing in classic or custom mode.

Guide Hero Harley

Suitable items for Harley heroes are Enchanted Talisman, Feather Heaven, Blood Wings, Calamity Skythe, Blood Wings, Devil Tears. These items are very useful for empowering the Harley hero in the game. Expand Jungle Monsters if you want to try the results of this build item, that’s my advice if you want to play later.

Tips on Using Harley Hero

I’ll show you a little leak how to play Harley heroes easy, in fact it will be easy for some people who are already pro Mobile Legends players to control all of the hero roles, but not for beginners like me. And here are tips and tricks for using Harley heroes, see the guide as follows:
  • Order Skill 1 at the beginning of the game
  • Build a tower-friendly farm
  • Don’t be alone
  • Take buff, hopefully use Where more economical
  • Duet with a tank or a hunter
  • Don’t open the fight
  • Use Flicker’s Battle Battle spells
  • And multiply jungle monsters if possible

If the team is in open war with the enemy, use the 3-1-2 skill order followed by a passive attack. Don’t be too friendly with your opponent unless you are on Ulti Skills 3. These are a few tips and tricks from me, hopefully they can help you, hopefully you will become more professional with Harley heroes. Okay, I’ll finish the article on building Harley hero items this time. If you have any questions or build requests, feel free to comment in the column we provided.

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