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Build clover! Artifacts, weapons, support, and game tricks

Klee, one of the strongest DPS at the moment, he’s one of the Knights of Favonius. and he is also called the strongest fighter in moon city.

Here I am going to discuss how to build clover and how to play well. With this build, I’m sure the clover you have will be very good.

Klee, dps which can be described as difficult to play because the way of playing is very strategic. But if you already understand how to play with clover, you will definitely find it very easy to defeat the enemies in Teyvat.


  • Flower: Critical Focus Rate (2) / Critical Damage (1)
  • Plume: Critical Focus Rate (1) / Critical Damage (2)
  • Sand: Critical Rate (2) / Critical Damage (1) / Elemental Mastery (3)
  • Chalice: Critical Rate (2) / Critical Damage (1) / Attack% (3) / Elemental Mastery (4)
  • Mature: Critical Rate / Critical Damage / Attack% (3)

For clover artifacts you need 4 sets of Crimson Witch of Flames. You can get Crimson Witch of Flames from the domain Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula near Wuwang Hill. However, since it is very difficult to get the “Crimson Witch of Flames” set, you can replace it with 2 “Crimson Witch of Flames” sets and 2 “Final des Gladiator” sets. But I recommend using 4 sets of Crimson Witch of Flames for maximum damage

Why do I suggest using 4 sets of Crimson Witch of Flames when Klee can only use 2 skills?

It’s true that Klee can’t use the maximum power of 4 sets of Crimson Witch of Flames, which should take 3 skills, but Crimson Witch of Flames also deals extra damage if the attack causes Overcharge, Vapor and Melt. This effect is necessary to cause great damage!

We all know that Melt’s damage is enormous and when Klee has a normal Pyro attack it will be very easy to trigger Melt’s attack.


Klee is a Catalyst user, or is often referred to as a book (although Catalyst isn’t just a book)

The best catalyst for Klee is Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, but since Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a 5 star weapon it can be very difficult to get, so I’ll give some recommendations for Klee weapons that You can use.

The widsith

  • Effect: When entering the fight, music starts randomly for 10 seconds. Can be triggered every 30 seconds. Recitative: Increases ATK by 60%. Aria: Increases elemental damage by 48%. Interlude: Increases Elemental Mastery by 240. (R1)

This weapon with a very interesting effect can be a very powerful weapon for Klee, with effects that add ATK, elemental damage and also elemental reactions that you can use for Klee.

I use The Widsith for my clover, the average Percharge damage on enemies is 38k and when I use Bennett and Venti the damage is 100k against cryo-slimes.

Although this weapon only has a 4 star rating, if you have a refinement of 5 this weapon will be very deadly! It is said that this weapon is much more powerful than a 5 star weapon!

Solar pearl

  • Effect: When normal attack hits the enemy, DMG elemental skill and elemental explosion are increased by 20% for 6 seconds. On the other hand, whenever an elemental skill or elemental burst hits an enemy, the normal DMG attack is increased by 20% for 6 seconds. (R1)

This battle pass weapon is one of the best battle pass weapon weapons.

With this weapon you can increase the normal attack damage and elemental skill and burst damage. Highly recommended weapon from the Battle Pass price!

Dodoco stories

  • Effect: When a normal attack hits an enemy, the charged attack is increased by 16% for 6 seconds. When charge attack hits an enemy, ATK increases by 8% for 6 seconds. (R1)

Free guns, yes, free, but cannot be considered rubbish! Perhaps this is the best free weapon as long as Genshin Impact has free weapons.

With Dodoco Tales, Klee’s damaged attack will be enormous!


For support, Klee has a lot of support that can maximize the damage he has. Here I will offer Klee the best support.


  • Artifacts: 4 sets of viridescent veneers
  • Weapons: Elegy for the End (* 5), Skyward Harp (* 5), The Stringless (* 4), Favonius Warbow (* 4)

Venti is a very good support from Klee! and I think Ventis Burst Attack suits Klee very well. By collecting enemies, Klee can defeat them all very easily. Klee’s normal attacks can also easily hit the enemy.


  • Artifacts: 4 sets of luminous veneer / instructor
  • Weapon: Sacrificial Fragments (* 4)

Unlike Venti, which prioritizes gathering enemies, sucrose acts as a helper to use elemental reactions to cause damage. In the case of sucrose damage, Overload, Vaporize and Melt will be much greater!


  • Artifacts: 2 sets of Heart of the Deep 2 sets of Noblesse Oblige
  • Weapons: sacrificial sword (* 4), harbinger of dawn (* 3)

Incorrectly entered support, Xingqiu is the support for almost all DPS in Genshin Impact. Easy to get energy, great damage and it has a hydro element too! With Xingqiu, Klee will be able to trigger the Vaporize reaction element very easily, but the weakness of the reaction element cannot be triggered permanently, so you will have to provide special services for Xingqiu as well.


  • Artifacts: 4 sets of Noblesse Oblige
  • Weapons: Favonius sword (* 4), Aquila Favonia (* 5), heavenly blade (* 5), sacrificial sword (* 4)

Bennett * 4? no he * 6! The best character yet in Genshin Impact! Bennett allows you to do more damage and you can also heal from Bennett’s Elemental Strike.

With Bennett in combination with Klee you get an additional damage bonus of 15% and when you have Constellation Bennett the damage that Klee does is much bigger!


  • Artifacts: 4 sets of Tenacity of Millelith / 2 sets of Noblesse Oblige 2 sets of Archaic Petra
  • Weapon: Favonius Lance (* 4), Homa Staff (* 5), Vortex Conqueror (* 5), Black Tassel (* 3)

No need to argue before he got buffed, Zhongli was one of the most talked about characters in Genshin Impact, and after he got buffed he was a lot of OP!

With the strongest shield strength and the damage of a large elemental explosion, he could save Klee from all sorts of trouble. Zhongli’s shield power can keep Klee on the battlefield for a long time and cannot be defeated.

Another support that can replace the above support

  • Barbara
  • Xiangling
  • Fischl
  • Diona
  • Xingyan
  • Ganyu

Tips for playing clover

It’s really hard to give tips on how to play clover in words without giving clearer directions, but I’ll try to understand.

Klee may be hard to control as Klee’s normal attacks are very slow, but that’s when you’re playing by click – click or just press. Good clover users will definitely use clover animation suppression.

Always use animation suppression and perform an attack attack before launching a burst attack.

Klee can’t be 100% in the arena, Klee can only be in the 80% arena, so use other characters to do more damage.

You can use 2 DPS in 1 team, example: Diluc and Klee or Ganyu and Klee.

Klee has a 20 second CD of each elemental skill, so use them properly, always use elemental skills first before starting an elemental explosion

This is the best clover build now! With this build, you can do an average of 40k damage per charge.

If anyone is feeling uncomfortable, leave a comment below and I’ll reply later.

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