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Bored with Mobile Legend, will RRQ Lemon switch to WildRift?

GAME FINITY. ID, CIREBON – In the Mobile Legends game is the name RRQ lemon or general nickname Extraterrestrials from RRQ Hoshi It is now officially declared that he will not be part of the RRQ Hoshi roster in the upcoming MPL ID Season 8.

Recently, news of RRQ Lemon Interchanges became a hot topic of conversation after it was leaked by one of the content creators, namely Lutfi Halimawan some time ago.

Lutfi Halimawan’s livestream on Facebook

“The stories from yesterday were with Windah, right, Lemon said he was bored, he said he was tired, he wanted to switch to the game. Wild crack, then Lemon said now that the game is not ready yet, the beta, now said Lemon is not feeling well next door and he says he wants to switch to WR “said Luthfi Halimawan on his stream.

It is only natural that Lemon would be bored and bored in the Mobile Legends game right now as he is one of the most seasoned pro gamers in the world of Mobile Legends esports, moving into the pro scene in MPL Season 1 since 2021 , and Lemon himself has never been absent for 7 seasons in MPL Indonesia.

Lemon Joins LoL Wild Rift Icon Series 4 Indonesia Tournament Qualification?

Lemon, now officially off RRQ Hoshi’s list for MPL Season 8, is reportedly currently in the tournament Wild crack.

Via live streaming Lexandrome On his Youtube channel, one of Lexandrom’s friends said there were Mobile Legends esports players participating in the qualifying round for Icon Series Indonesia 4 and also mentioned some of the characteristics of these players.

“But did you know that today’s Open Qualifier 4 looks like someone is participating, you already know the rumors that the next player who follows will get an esports player’s salary. Just look for most of the followers who Number is just two with an M after it.

“I don’t know if I’m really going to do it, I’m afraid a site will ban it if it leaks,” someone said on the Lexandrome livestream.

The possibility of a player with followers reaching that number is Lemon, RRQ Lemon’s move to League of Legends: Wild Rift is still just a rumor, of course. So we just have to wait and see.

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