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Beware of the rise of the red diamonds in Free Fire

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – The increased interest in games has contributed to the development of microtransactions, including in-game purchases. Many favorite games now issue their own “currency”, including Free Fire with in-game currency called Diamond. It is now normal for players to purchase or top up diamonds that can be used to purchase cosmetics and other exclusive items.

However, this is actually used by irresponsible actors. “Red diamond” is now in circulation. This term refers to replenishing diamonds, but instead of increasing, diamonds become minus and can no longer be used.

The red diamond itself is quoted by Esportsku because Free Fire players are making illegal top-ups, e.g. For this reason, survivors who want to top up diamonds would be better off doing business in games or official stores such as Codashop or Tokopedia.

Buyers may also see indications of unsafe recharges if the price of diamonds sold is not fair. For example, if 10,000,000 diamonds are offered for only Rp. 200,000 or 300,000. Even if the fair price itself can be over Rp. 1 million.

Players also need to check the diamond filling method. If it’s illegal or refundable, it can be dangerous and even harm consumers who have already bought and used it.

And what about the giveaway event? Make sure you are following the giveaway event that is officially out of the game. Or from a well-known Youtuber who regularly hosts events and has proven to be trustworthy.

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