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Best tank heroes in Mobile Legends 2021

When playing a game called Mobile Legend, it is required for every role on every team that competes. Mobile Legend is a 5 vs 5 battle themed mobile game where each team wins if the enemy base is destroyed. It’s no wonder gamers old and new understand the game technique of Mobile Legend as it is pretty simple. Players, especially professional players, value the cohesion of a team in order to destroy the opposing base, each having their own role in order for the team to be stable in all respects.

On this occasion we will explain the 3 hero tanks that are considered the best of 2021. The hero tank is an important factor useful in helping other heroes win the game, so we are going to give 3 recommendations for the best hero tanks in 2021 for those of you who are interested in becoming a hero with the role of a tank in Mobile Legends.

The first best 2021 Mobile Legends tank hero (Gatotkaca)

Panzer Mobile Legends

The best Hero Tank 2021 in the first Mobile Legend is Gatotkaca. This hero, who comes from the mythological character of the Indonesian state, is a hero with 2 roles at the same time, where he can be used as a tank or as a fighter. Gatotkaca is a hero tank, so it is not surprising that it has quite a strong defense, but on the other hand, Gatotkaca’s advantage has that it also has great damage at the start of the game. Many players make Gatotkaca with a role as an offlaner because Gatotkaca is quite stable in all areas, he is one of the hero tanks that is able to survive well and fight enemies.

Gatotkaca is a Hero Tank that is still considered good at that time because it is one of the Hero Tanks that can jump from him and start a war with great advantages, so with all the skills Gatotkaca has his friends are in a team It is definitely helped, both help for defense, war or other things that are needed.

Second best Mobile Legends Tank Hero 2021 (Khufra)

The best Hero Tank 2021 in the second Mobile Legend is Khufra. Khufra has a skill that is very useful for a team, but harmful and annoying to the enemy. Besides Gatotkaca, Khufra is also a Mobile Legends Hero who is good enough to start a war in which he will pile up all opponents at some point with a positive effect for his friends, skills can both blink and knock up enemies, with all these skills have an effect that makes the opponent really difficult.

Khufra is a hero who looks almost like a mummy, from his appearance the hero is already very intimidating, not only from his appearance, but also his skills and effects greatly evaluate the image of the hero, including his passive abilities that are useful for opponents are dangerous and profitable for Chufra. Khufra has been rated well and is one of the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends in 2021.

Third Best Mobile Legends Tank Hero 2021 (Johnson)

The best Hero Tank 2021 in the third Mobile Legend is Johnson. Johnson is one of the pretty old Mobile Legend Tank Heroes in the game, but who would have thought the Hero still has a high average on the Hero Tank Pick in Mobile Legend. His presence in every game can have a positive impact on a team’s potential victory as Johnson has a very useful, unique and difficult ability to counter the average Hero Mobile Legend.

One of his unique and useful skills is his ability to transform into a car. When he becomes a car, he can get his whole team going in the desired direction. In the auto switch mode, quite a few enemies get annoyed when it is in this mode, as many players not only make it an alternative to escape, but also make this mode a good combination for starting wars and targeting enemies. It’s not just the ability to be a car that makes Johnson the Best Tank of 2021, another reason is that he has skills that are very effective with his existence.

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