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Best Offlaner Hero Mobile Legend

Having a high rank in Mobile Legends game is definitely every Mobile Legends gamer’s dream in Indonesia. In reality, however, achieving a rank in the game is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. Where a mobile legend player needs sufficient skills to climb the rank in the game.

best offlaner heroes

Because as you already know, any rank can determine a person’s ability. Starting with solo skills to team skills. Rank will rate both things maximally. That is why, on today’s occasion, we would like to introduce you to some of the best Offlaner heroes in mobile legend game to help you climb the ranks.

Mobile Legends’ first best Offlaner hero (Thamuz)

Thamuz is the first best Offlaner hero to be added to our list. Thamuz has skills that can make him the best Offlaner hero in the mobile legend game. Why can Thamuz be the best off-lane hero who can master the lane-off-lane? In order not to get too confused, let’s briefly explain its capabilities here:

Grand Duke Lava = Thamuz will burn his enemy on every hit

Melted scythe = Thamuz throws his scythe and gains extra walking speed as the scythe is ejected.

Chasm Trample = Thamuz jumps towards the enemy for close combat

Counterant Inferno = Thamuz Creates a circle of fire that deals damage per second and can help Thamuz get blood when attacking the enemy or spending the first ability.

When you look at his skills, it’s not surprising if he becomes the best Offlaner hero in the Mobile Legend game right now. Thamuz also has very strong body resistance compared to other Offlaner heroes.

The second best Offlaner hero of the mobile legend (Leomord)

Leomord is the number two Offlaner hero who can almost reach Thamuz’s position as the best Offlaner hero in 2021. Of course, Leomord can be declared one of the best Offlaner heroes because the hero’s abilities are actually geared towards being an Offlaner hero. He has the following skills:

The Oath Keeper = this ability makes Leomord very dangerous, as this ability causes Leomord to deal more damage when near enemy heroes whose blood is below 40%.

Phantom Seed = Leomord will point his sword forward for a while, dealing area of ​​damage.

Decimation attack = Leomord will walk a certain distance in the direction specified by the player.

Swing = Leomord summons his favorite horse to hit the enemy, and Leomord will ride on it. Leomord’s 1st and 2nd skills also change if he manages to ride his horse.

Leomord’s abilities are pretty good indeed when incorporated into the Offlaner hero. Because judging by his skills, Leomord can also be called one of the best Offlaner heroes in the Mobile Legend game.

Third best mobile legend, best Offlaner hero (Chou)

Chou is the third best Offlaner hero who is no less strong than the two above heroes. We’re adding this Offlaner hero last because this one Offlaner hero is the best, but requires enough skill to be able to master it. Because every skill he possesses requires a player to have his own skills. He has the following skills:

Fast Only = this ability makes Chou deal extra damage and slow down if he has walked more than 8 yards.

Jeet Kune Kudo = Chou makes a boxing combo with bonus damage and stun at the end of the combo.

Shunpo = Chou moves quickly in the direction indicated by the player.

The Way Of Dragon = Chou kicks the opponent forward and gives him a combo kick.

As already mentioned, by seeing and knowing Chou’s abilities, one needs the ability of a player himself to master Chou.

These are the top three Offlaner heroes that you can use to increase your rank in the Mobile Legend game. But you have to keep in mind that the best Offlaner heroes naturally also need the skills of the best players. So good luck to those of you trying to rank up your rank in Mobile Legend. This is an article by Gamefinity, titled “Here Are The 3 Best Offlaner Mobile Legend Heroes That Can Help You Rank Up” on

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