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Best Hero Marksman Mobile Legends 2021

Who doesn’t know a mobile gadget game called “Mobile Legend”? Definitely in the current year – now that, of course, almost everyone in the world has used a device called a cell phone. Of course, you automatically know your way around when you hear an entertainment location that uses the gadget (Mobile Legend Game).

But before we dive into today’s topic, let’s first briefly find out what mobile gadgets are. Mobile is a communication tool and intelligent technology that can help speed up human activities. Starting with making a phone call to providing information to entertainment.

The Best Hero Marksman Mobile Legends 2021 First (Yi Shun Shin)

Yi Shun Shin Mobile Legends

The first shooting hero in Mobile Legend in 2021 is the Yi Shun Shin hero, or commonly known as the acronym YSS. Yi Shun Shin is one of the heroes who can be used as the best sniper hero because the ability of YSS is very dangerous.

YSS has pretty high burst damage as well as a stun to start combat. YSS Ulti cannot be left alone either, as YSS gives out chunks of fire to all enemies of the opposing team around the world. This means that wherever the enemy is, they will be discovered. Sometimes for professional gamers the YSS ulti itself is used to show all the enemies that may be in the bush, or the game term is “Open Map”.

But back to you as players, what kind of YSS style do you want to play? Of course, the answer lies in every player. Because we know that every player character has their own characteristics.

Second Best Hero Marksman Mobile Legends 2021 (Layla)

For season one mobile legend players, they definitely recognize this hero like their own child. Because Layla is one of the heroes that came out along with the launch of the Mobile Legend game itself.

Why can Layla be the best marksman in 2021? The answer, of course, lies in its ultimate. If the player increases his ulti, the player receives an “increased attack range”. What does it mean ? Players can keep shooting, even beyond the opponent’s tower.

By and large, players using Layla can kill their enemies remotely. Even before they got to the front, Layla’s player saw face. Aside from his ultimate ability which makes Layla lethal, his burst damage and slow speed abilities are also very much feared as Layla can pay off her enemies first.

Third Best Hero Marksman Mobile Legends 2021 (Karrie)

The last hero to join the Best Sagittarius Heroes 2021 is a hero named “Karrie”. As you already know, Karrie already has a nickname, the Marksman destroyer of tanks. Why is that ? Because Karrie’s passive attack is able to inflict 6 – 12% damage on the enemy’s HP every 4 hits that are made to the same enemy hero.

Of course, if the tank just merged with the hero, then what about the other hero roles? Of course, everything will melt when you meet Karrie’s hero. How to use it is not difficult, Karrie did slow, dance and the last one is her ultimate which is 2 attacks at the same time plus attack speed.

So his Ultimate and Passive combo is pretty dangerous as he can do two attacks in one attack with Karries Ultimate. This means that the passive points immediately increase to 2, if Karrie hits the same hero, then Passive Karrie gives the opponent 6 – 12% HP lost. So don’t be surprised if we add Karrie to our list of top marksmen in 2021.

These are the three archer heroes who can help you level up your rank in the Mobile Legend game. Of course, don’t forget that the more practice there is, the more skillful the player is in dealing with the hero. That is the Gamefinity article titled “Here Are The 3 Best Marksman Mobile Legends Heroes 2021 That Can Help You Rank Up” Don’t forget to share and don’t forget to visit us below as well for more information.

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