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Best Hero Mage Mobile Legends 2021

Hero Mage in Mobile Legend is often used as a support or something to aid in the process of winning a team, as part of the magic received is an asset to every friend on their team and something disastrous for their enemy. Our focus this time is to give you 3 recommendations for Hero Mage that are suitable to increase your rank and of the three Heroes the best Hero Mage 2021, especially the best Hero to rank up in Mobile Legend.

If you are reading this it means that you are one of the people who want to increase your rank in Mobile Legends game and you are one of the people who want to know who the 3 best mage heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 are for you can help win in Mobile Legends mode. Please read to the end so that you know the 3 Hero Mage and why it is the best Hero Mage 2021.

Best Mage Hero Mobile Legends 2021 First (Kagura)

Magician Mobile Legends

Kagura is one of the best Hero Mage 2021 because Kagura is a Hero Mage armed with combinable skills, which is quite tedious and is considered overwhelmed if played correctly. The advantage of the hero mage named Kagura is that he has a dangerous passive skill right from the start, because his passive skill is considered to be able to create a stunning effect that is very annoying to the enemy, especially when he is at war not only that but on average all of the skills exhibited by Kagura have an effect, dangerous and annoying numb.

With the right style of play, matching items and builds, Kagura can suddenly become a hero carry in a team has limited MP by defense standards, low, it requires experience and caution when using a hero named Kagura.

Second best Mage Hero Mobile Legends 2021 (Pharsa)

Pharsa is one of the best mage heroes 2021 because the female hero mage who often wears this bird is a heroine with quite a wide range of skills, besides, Pharsa is a hero mage who has quite a large burst damage, quite a few of them make a good support in the form of damage to enemies or other things. There are Pharsa’s abilities that can cause fog or abilities that can shoot damaging energy at enemies, but the two abilities aren’t as good as the Ultimate, which Pharsa does with an attack like a meteor when the Ultimate is activated a long period of time.

To play Hero Pharsa, always make sure that you are not playing it alone as this Hero Mage is not effective enough against enemies at close range. Another thing is to play Pharsa by keeping a safe distance from other dangerous heroes around him, then always building items and so on that are appropriate and appropriate.

3rd Best Mage Mobile Legends Hero 2021 (Gord)

Gord is one of the magic heroes who can still be called the best magic hero 2021. Gord is one of those mage heroes whose existence has been forgotten by many players, either because of the many new heroes that appear or other things. You need to know that Gord is a hero mage who can deal damage per second with long range. The more magical damage he has, the faster Gord kills his enemies even in an area.

Among other Gord Skills, the reason Gord is the Best Hero Mage 2021 is his ultimate ability as this skill is considered to be very dangerous, especially when combined with other Gord Skills. Just like Pharsa, Gord must avoid fighting at close range because Gord will be a hero who cannot do anything at close range. Gord is a hero with the ability to use a surfboard. This hero is a hero who deserves to be a hero to raise your rank with a note of construction items and other things that are correct and correct.

And these are the 3 best Hero Mage 2021 in Mobile Legend that can help you level up your respective rank. Always be compact and cooperative when in ranked mode because whatever your hero is you will definitely lose if you are selfish and play until the build is wrong. Hopefully useful and make sure you share it on all media. This is an article titled “Let’s Try The 3 Best Mage Heroes In Mobile Legends 2021 That Can Raise Your Rank” from the Gamefinity writing team. Don’t forget to check out other information, news, and articles below

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