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Best Build Items Odette Mobile Legends - Odette Best Build

Next, the build item for Odette is displayed.

Odette is a new hero in Mobile Legends with a type of magician. Odette or Swan princess have good skill when you use strongest build item for Odette, but of course your skills are also an important factor in making good use of Odette.

Curious about Build beautiful objects for Odette Mobile Legends? the following equipment to use when planning to use Odette:

1. Lightning stick
2. Arcane boots
3. Winter club
4. Enchanted Thalisman
5. Glowing wand
6. Blood wings

Using the above gear for Odette will earn you additional HP, CDR, and Attacks for Odette Mobile Legends. In Build Odette It will also offer penetration magic to reduce enemy damage as Odette is a mage hero who has less HP and stamina, just like other mage heroes (Eudora and Aurora). Source

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