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Beautiful Floryn, the next Mobile Legends hero?

GAMEFINITY.ID, Denpasar – Mobile Legends’ habit of releasing a new hero, there must be a new hero on the pre-server a few moments later. Well, I’m curious to see which hero Moonton is developing, right? There is a leak that says the next hero will be named Floryn.

The picture above is a leak from this Floryn hero, some leaks also mention that this Floryn hero was once called Chloe but has changed to Chloe. Judging from the picture above, this Floryn is going to be a support hero.

It looks like Floryin as the loving character in this picture is also strengthened by the leaked background of this Floryn hero and the ML_Leaks account mentions that there will be a new support hero. Floryn is a good day girl determined to re-green the land around the world.

It should be noted that this rumor has not been confirmed by Moonton, as have previous leaks about this hero. So don’t take it too seriously, and it’s also possible that this new hero will happen in the future, even the release date of this hero on the pre-server is not yet known. It looks like this hero will be released in quite a long time.

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