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Aside from wanting to look cool, here are 5 reasons why Free Fire players are using Cheat Auto Aim

GAMEFINITY.ID, Singkawang – At the beginning of April 2021, users of the Auto Aim cheat in the Free Fire game reached 1 million users.

Of course, Garena didn’t just sit back and watch these scammers. Garena imposes a permanent ban on players who use cheats like auto aim and other cheats.

What Exactly Makes Free Fire Players Use Auto Aim Cheats? Here the author prepares some reasons that the scammers might think.

1. Do you want to win easily

Of course, these scammers use cheats to win easily. They only think of winning, there is not a word for them to lose, so they justify any means to achieve victory.

2. You want to advance in rank quickly

There is a mode in the Free Fire game called Ranked Mode. In this mode it is very important to win the game. Many people make rank as a measure of their playing skills, sometimes those who rank high are respected by other players.

This is what prompts cheaters to use cheats as it is easier to win and faster to level up.

3. Would you like to increase the KD ratio

KD Ratio or Kill Death Ratio is a comparison between the number of Kill and Death players during the game. This can of course also be used as a skill benchmark for Free Fire players.

With the auto-aim cheat, players can easily increase the KD ratio.

4. Don’t want to practice

Accurate shots are the greatest pride and joy of Free Fire players. In order to achieve an accurate goal, players need to train hard.

It is different with these scammers. You don’t want to go through too many processes, just want instant results.

5. Not sure you can win

As in the first point, these scammers want to win easily. If you think about it, it means these scammers don’t believe they can win without cheats.

These are some of the reasons why scammers use the Auto Aim cheat on Free Fire, according to the author. However, this cheat action is not correct. In addition to the risk of being banned, a fraudster also leads to addiction.

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