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AOV: Roxie, the beautiful explorer girl from Arena Antaris

Hello Friend Gamers, you must know this beautiful explorer girl who loves to play with the fire from the Antaris Arena. That’s right guys, she’s Roxie and her best friend, Agnie the Fire Spirit.

You are both known as the adventurers. Roxie is a tank-type heroine who is often chosen in tournaments because she can control the lane. Skuy, we are discussing the same “hero”.



Roxie is a woman from the descendants of the famous explorer. He has grown up exploring since childhood. Like any other explorer’s child, he was left by his parents to a most trusted friend who had enough money to raise Roxie from childhood to adulthood. As an ancestor, he had to be a true explorer. There was only one letter he left behind. Received every month, it will be a happy memory of her childhood with her parents, but from the letter it always contains happiness and romance that gives Roxie hope

“There will come a day when I will venture myself and meet my prince.”

A great statement from a young and imaginative girl. Instead of meeting the prince, he finds a real and very annoying adventure partner, he is a little fire spirit named Agnie. As a little gift from her parents, Agnie is a character who will always accompany Roxie on her first adventure, she receives a treasure map with treasures, which are in the plural or not. Roxie’s parents know that they have not yet given a clue to Agnie in the map reading Agnie Problem. Eventually, Roxie’s first adventure with Agnie begins after she says goodbye and is armed with the tools that Moren the benevolent old creator and his friends Max the Optimist and little Ssi provided. After all, he is convinced that he can bear the good name of his family as an interpreter, but he also dreams of one day finding the prince who is his dream_-.


As a heroine of the tank type, Roxie gains a special ability from her 1st skill to regenerate her lost HP and can quickly clean up Creep.

Passive Skill Fire spirit

Passive skills

Every 50 maximum HP Roxie has gives 1 magical power. Every 3rd normal attack her mana is restored by 8% and Agnie places a marker on the target that lasts for 5 seconds.

Skills 1- Wildfire

Ability 1

Roxie’s bot was imbued with the power of fire sucking in mana, and a trail of flame appeared as Roxie stepped. Each trail lasts 2.5 seconds and inflicts {0} (+ {1}) magic damage to surrounding targets every 0.5 seconds (stacks up to 3 times). When an enemy is tagged with Agnie, Roxie’s health is restored by 1% of lost HP (2% if the target is an enemy hero), but this effect doesn’t add up.

Skills 2- Blazing shield

Ability 2

Roxie gains 20% movement speed and a flame shield that absorbs {0} (+ {1}) damage and lasts for 3 seconds. Enemies who come into physical contact with Roxie while her shield is still active will have their movement speed reduced by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

Ultimate- Agnie’s handles

Ultimate preview

Agnie reaches out, marks and pulls the first target she touches toward her for 2.5 seconds, then pulls the target as Roxie moves. Wild Fire’s cooldown is instantly reset. While being drawn, the target ignores the wall and becomes immune to other control effects. The target also takes {0} (+ {1}% of the target’s current HP) magic damage.


Gameplay preview

For the recommended combo, use the Ultimate Skill to Catch the Enemy followed by Skill 1 and Skill 2 when you pull the enemy. In the game, be sure to turn off Roxie’s first skill when she’s not in use, as her first skill is very quick to waste mana.

That’s it for today’s Heldenscheinwerfer declaration. For those of you who like my content today, share it with your friends and don’t forget to comment if you have any suggestions or guides you’d like to share, okay guys, I’ll say goodbye first .. see you next time✌ ..

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