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7 things Garena forbids and violates when outdoors

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Mobile games have grown tremendously in the past year and a half. Games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and Call Of Duty Mobile have seen tremendous success in terms of revenue and overall downloads. One of the most popular genres in mobile gaming is battle royale, which is enjoyed by all ages.

At the top of this battle royale title is Free Fire. Garena games have become industry leaders. Last year, the game was the most downloaded mobile game in the battle royale genre. This game was also successfully named Esports Mobile Game of the Year at the Esports Award 2021.

Despite this success, the Free Fire developers faced many problems related to the widespread use of cheats in games. To overcome this, Free Fire has taken many steps and developed an anti-cheat system that detects cheats and penalizes players who use them. They also allow their player base to report suspicious players.

Garena also publishes bi-weekly reports on a regular basis to provide statistics on the number of accounts blocked due to fraud. In 2021 alone, more than 30 million accounts were blocked for fraud. Free Fire officials recently published an anti-ban notice listing the conditions under which a player may be penalized.

The 7 forbidden things are:

  1. Using a modified or unauthorized game client.
  2. Use unauthorized tools that interact with the Free Fire game client.
  3. Using unofficial programs to give gameplay an edge.
  4. Modify model files to gain an unfair advantage.
  5. Use glitches or errors to your advantage to play the game.
  6. Abnormal gameplay has been identified and reported by many players.
  7. Bypassing Free Fire’s anti-hack system through illegal local data transfers.

Garena insists that they will not tolerate the use of cheats and will spoil fair play. The officials also said they are committed to continuing to create a fair playing environment for their players.

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