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7 outdoor hoaxes that shock the public

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Some time ago we were reported with fake news or hoaxes that were distributed to us by irresponsible parties Free fire. This is the result of the hoax recap that got players excited.

1. Playing Free Fire can be affected by Covid-19

Starting with the first news, sad news, that the world is under attack from the Covid-19 virus. An irresponsible person mentioned that this virus was spread by playing Free Fire.

Since Covid-19 is still new, many ordinary people believe in it. Finally, the Indonesian Medical Association explained the mechanism of transmission of this virus and it can be concluded that all the news about Free Fire is a hoax.

2. Sony refuses to release Free Fire on PlayStation 5

This time around in mid-2020 a joke was circulating that “Sony, as the owner of the PlayStation company, has refused to work with Free Fire”. The news also said that Free Fire didn’t meet the all-time requirements to be a game on PlayStation 5. Until Garena heard the news and said the news wasn’t true.

3. Free fire is blocked by the government

In July 2021, when news came of the government banning multiple mobile games, Free Fire was featured on the news. Since it is not suitable for minors, this issue is unsettling for Free Fire players. The reason is that this game is very popular with most of the children. In addition, Garena also confirmed this news, declaring it a joke.

4. Naruto refuses to cooperate with Free Fire

In addition to Sony, the Naruto anime is said to have also refused to collaborate with Free Fire. However, this was immediately denied by Garena, and they said there were no plans to work with Naruto. Free Fire itself has collaborated with Kimetsu no Yaiba, One hit man, and attack on Titan.

5. Free fire extinguishers for PUBG Mobile

The hoax news this time happened to PUBG Mobile, which stated they had borrowed funds from Free Fire to work with Blackpink. The rumor is just a piece of writing that does not contain any specific evidence, so many people do not believe this rumor.

6. CR7 calculates Garena. Money for cooperation

In 2021 Free Fire announced that it would work with world football star Christiano Ronaldo (CR7). Presented as a Chrono Character Bundle, CR7 officially cooperates and that of course increases the enthusiasm of the Free Fire players. However, in December 2021, false reports were circulating about world footballers’ collaboration with Free Fire, stating that CR7 is raising money for working with Garena. After the rumors began to circulate, GM Garena Indonesia resolutely denied the news and issued a statement that it was impossible to work together without pay.

7. Free Fire Reset on Season 1

The last joke is fake news, which creates a scene for most gamers. The reason for this is because this time it is mentioned that Free Fire will reset all attributes that have been bought by players and make players nervous. In this case, as the GM of Free Fire, PaperBag made some clarification on this fake news and reassured the players.

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