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7 oldest Mobile Legends heroes you need to know

Oldest Hero Mobile Legends – Are you one of the Mobile Legends game lovers? If so, you might be very excited to see Monoton release some of the latest heroes to use. But do you also know who the oldest hero in the Mobile Legend game is? Before the newest heroes, of course, there were the heroes with the highest crew or the oldest heroes. But not many Mobile Legends players know who these heroes are. Here are some old hero names in Mobile Legends.

The oldest hero in Mobile Legends

Mobile legends oldest hero
The oldest hero in Mobile Legends: Miya (Sagittarius)
  1. Franco
    Franco is a hero in tenth place, so it can be considered one of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends. Is a tank-type hero often used for his ability to draw enemies closer.
  2. Alucard
    Who does not know the hero Alucard. Its appearance, which looks good, makes women who play the Mobile Legends game feel more comfortable. Enter as a fighter hero who has very good damage and life steal.
  3. tiger
    Tigreal is a pretty old tank hero and used to be the mainstay of the team. However, this has not been the case since the appearance of Grock and several other new heroes.
  4. Nana
    Nana’s funniest hero is also one of the oldest heroes. Got the hero mage guy and support. Nana’s strengths are capable of turning enemies into cats. If they are met by Nana’s heroine, most of them will be irritated.
  5. Alice
    There’s the second oldest heroine, Alice. In fact, this Alice hero is rarely used as it differs from other heroes in the way he plays. But that doesn’t mean Alice’s hero is bad, as there are perks like teleportation, stun, and the ultimate of the enemy can be sucked in.
  6. saber
    Saber is a very agile hero assassin. Saber itself has the ability to lock up his opponent and cause a lot of damage. Even if this hero is supposed to be old or old, this hero is still scary for shooters and magician players in mobile legends.
  7. Miya
    The oldest hello is Miya. Maybe iKON Mobile Legends is subconsciously using Miya. This is because Miya is the first hero to own.

These are some of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends that you can choose from. As of now, there are still many of the oldest heroes used to win games. Of the oldest heroes above, who do you like the most?