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7 golden attachments in open fire

Hi player, yesterday we talked about 4 attachments in Free Fire, now we are going to talk about 7 golden attachments in Free Fire.

Golden appendix is a special or special attachment that can only be used with some weapons. Of course, the attachments supplied have a very special effect and benefit the user.

MP5 electric booster

The first accessory released by Free Fire is the MP5 Electrical Booster. This attachment can only be paired with MP5 weapons. The function of this essay is to increase performance fire rate very high MP5 weapon. This attachment can be combined with snout up to the 3rd level so the shot damage is much more dangerous.

M60 spiral charge

Exclusive to the M60, this gold attachment is used to increase damage and accuracy when the M60 is continuously fired.

VSS ripper bullet

This gold attachment is included with the VSS as the weapon is complained that the damage and rate of fire of the weapon is very low despite having a very smooth shot.

The utility of the VSS Ripper Bullet is to add additional major damage to the enemy and can also produce blossoms damage on the enemies nearby.

M14 anger core

By using the M14 Range Core you increase the rate of fire and you can also shoot in mode burst.

98 Biometric scope

Kar98k is one of the weapons ripple in open fire with a telescopic sight installed, it can make a pretty good shot.

However, when installed with this attachment, it can provide even better shots. 98 Biometric scope, can only detect movement by distinguishing living beings from inanimate objects.

PLASMA boost

PLASMA Boost is useful to increase the fire energy of the PLASMA Gun before it overheats. According to the description in the game, this object can convert heat into kinetic energy. The hotter the gun, the more deadly the resulting shot.

AWM Armor Piercer

A sharper and more deadly bullet. One shot can penetrate and destroy enemy armor faster. Can only be used with the most dangerous rifle weapon, AWM.

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