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5 unbanned free fire cheat apps

OKEGUYS – Garena always does Updates blocked At player what used cheatsbut there are some uses Free fire cheats that was not hit forbidden.

Indeed, the type of application Free fire cheats now more diverse, this illegal application consists in fact of modifying and changing the system so that player can easily win.

Even so, using this application will be a fraudulent, illegal, and certainly unlawful act for you. But what applications are there? cheats the?

Free Fire Cheat apps that still exist

The illegal use of third-party applications (Not Made by Garena) is intended to change and shape the system Free fire games who immediately got the stamp as cheats by Garena.

If you are an application user, cheats If you use any of the following applications you run the risk of being punished, such as: expose and forbidden permanent until prohibited devices.

Happy patcher


Application usage Happy patcher can also be included as an action cheats by Garena. Usually this application is from Para Free Fire players use to do hack.

Chop anything? Started with getting it all Skins, diamonds, and Products everything else is all free! However, when using this third party application, you will be considered a user cheater.

Use the app Happy patcher Accessing all articles for free is a fraudulent act and definitely very illegal!

Sensi Capa FF

Sensi Capa FF, is an application Free fire cheats which is used to adjust the sensitivity, such as GFX tool and Galaxy macro.

This application can also manage the configuration automatic headshot, Anti-lag and adjust the RAM capacity of your cellphone, it is illegal!

The most popular free fire cheat application Bellara VIP

The most popular free fire cheat application Bellara VIP

use Free fire cheats The next one is Bellara VIP. This is a very popular application for cheater FF guys.

Why is it so popular? Because with one application VIP Bellara, para cheater can do a lot chop how Speed ​​hack, target hack, auto headshot, antibanned, and ESP chop.

Although it has many functions and anti-prohibitedNot only can those using this application be free, but Garena will still impose penalties on its users.



App list cheats Next FF is Lulubox. This APK application isn’t just for making chop to skin only.

But application Lulubox there are those who use it for that too Diamond hack FF. Although many think this application is safe, but still.

user Diamond hack and skin is an act that harms Garena, moreover, it is unfair treatment for her player others who bought Diamonds receive skin FF.

Free Fire GFX tools


The last one, guys. GFX tool is an application that changes the graphics settings in. can customize Free fire.

Technically GFX tool is an illegal application because Android itself is an operating system based on Open source.

Although many use this application for free, you will still be recognized as a user cheats In the system Anti-hack Garena.

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Well, those are some apps Free fire cheats that is still there and has not been hit forbidden. Which application do you use?

Ets if you’re still using any of the above apps you should stop using them folks because they get the nickname as cheater by Garena.

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