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5 things that could happen if Mobile Legends don't use analog

Not that long ago, Vainglory, one of the oldest smartphone MOBA games released by the Super Evil Megacorp publication, announced that it would release an analog control feature in its game. This famous game, nicknamed MOBA Faucet, has indeed opened a new breakthrough to give players more ways to enjoy the game. Listening to this one has to think what if the conditions were reversed, it was one of the popular analog MOBAs, Mobile Legends, that really got a change of control to touch! According to the author’s observations, at least the following 5 things can happen.

1. People will protest!

The last and most likely thing that will happen is that there will be a massive demonstration! Mobile Legends gamers will not accept the change of control and will demand the restoration of the analogue controls that characterize this popular MOBA smartphone.

2.Hero so easy to play

With the conversion of the analog control system to Tap Tap, some difficult heroes like Fanny, Kagura, Johnson or Hayabusa will be easier to play. With a multi-tap modal on a smartphone, heroes like Fanny can more easily throw the steel cable into the desired position.

3. Large screen smartphones are produced a lot

Given the Mobile Legend boom, smartphone vendors will surely resort to various types of smartphones that are sufficient to play this popular game. They are going to launch so many big screen smartphones, the prices are quite low and most likely they will be sold in Indonesia.

4. Casual gamers will step back often

some casual gamers will definitely retire a lot. The players are usually boys, brothers, brothers, brothers and so on because with more complex tap-tap controls, they’ll be lazy to learn more.

5. Pro-player panic in the world of esports

Control changes in Mobile Legends can panic even professional gamers! They need more time to get used to the new controls, especially when playing their favorite heroes. In the worst case, professional gamers have even withdrawn and removed from the world of eSports Mobile Legends!

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