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5 Strongest Initiator Heroes in Mobile Legends June 2021, Any Opponents?

5 Strongest Initiator Heroes in Mobile Legends June 2021, Any Opponents?

Sometimes starting an attack on an opponent is like flipping a coin if you’re lucky then you have an advantage, while on the other hand, if you fail, it’s a boomerang for your team.

The initiation should of course not be arbitrary, it takes heroes with high resilience to support mobility so that failure does not affect the team’s game too much.

Therefore, SPIN Esports recommends you the 5 strongest initiator heroes in Mobile Legends June 2021.

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5 strongest initiator heroes in Mobile Legends


Chou Hero Counter Zilong

This hero is arguably timeless, although it has been customized several times through buffs and nerfs, this hero is still a priority to be used as an initiator to launch attacks.

With Chous The Way of Dragon Skill it is of course no problem to kidnap the jungler hero of the opponent, except that he will easily leave the combat area with his Jeet Kune Do and Shunpo if he fails.


Paquito MPL Season 7

Classified as one of the new heroes, Paquito immediately became one of the priority heroes, banned from either ranked mode or MPL tournaments.

The reason for this is that not only does it have great durability, but it also has an ultimate ability called Knockout Strike that can be performed repeatedly. It will of course annoy you if you meet one of the Paquito users who is very good at it.



Even if it looks weak at the beginning of the game, this magical hero is one of the magical heroes who has very significant scaling at the end of the game.

Through Flowing Blood, he easily penetrates the crowd of opposing players to turn the opponent upside down with his ultimate ability, Blood Awe, which is activated. Also allows you to block the movement of the opponent’s jungle.

Jaw head

Reasons for Choosing Jawhead on M2

You could say that this hero is one of the annoying heroes, thanks to his ejector he is easily able to throw the opponent’s hero into the team crowd.

In addition, he will use his unstoppable power to target single targets so that the hero he is looking for can be easily caught. In combination with the ejector, initiation is certainly an easy thing for Jawhead


Just like the OP ML hero doesn't sell himself

This hero, rarely used, is arguably still one of the best initiating heroes in Mobile Legends.

The reason is that through his Divine Judgment he can easily kidnap the opponent’s jungle hero and is unpredictable with Purify. Of course, if the rollout goes smoothly, you will easily win the battle.

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