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5 Simple Tips to Become a Pro MarksMan Mobile Legends User

MVP with Irithel
MVP with Irithel

MarksMan or commonly abbreviated as MM is a hero with an alias reacher of the Reach type, which means that he has the know-how to carry out long-range attacks. To become a pro MM user here is what you need to do to keep your team from reading it because when you play the mm user is always blamed by their team when they lose.

1. Spend all buffs

Well, usually for you mm users, when the game first starts or is commonly referred to as the early game hero, mm is very weak and always attacked by the opposing team, so you have to farm or take buffs by using monsters kill in the forest because during the early game mm very weak then you have to be supported by your teammates such as tanks or hunters for agriculture.

2. Don’t go alone

I mean singles can’t use mm here, but you can’t walk alone in the land of dawn because mm users are vulnerable to gank attacks and enemy targets so you have to stay in the back of your team and do backups only of rear.

3. Must be good at finding a job

When using the mm user, do not take the wrong position as it is fatal. For example, if you are on the front lines during a war, you are definitely the main target of the enemy and therefore mm should be in the background row, but if there is an enemy hero-assassin who likes to sneak backwards then you should go forward and yourself gather up front to approach your fighter or assassin friend for help and if you run backwards no one can protect you and will be more easily overtaken because the assassin user runs faster than any hero.

4. Don’t build wrong

MM users are very sensitive to the builds they are using, so you need to know which builds are appropriate for the mm heroes you are using. Typically mm users prioritize attack speed, physical attack and life theft.
Make sure to use MarksMan type Build Items and Talent Emblems, although there are also plenty of mm heroes out there that are suitable for using Assassin talent emblems such as Lesley, Karrie and Irithel. For more information, see this article Understanding Member Functions in Build Mobile Legends

5. Don’t use MM because you will always be blamed

Usually, many children play legends by carelessly choosing heroes. Lancelot, Karina and Co. then it’s better, well you don’t use MM heroes because you don’t get a chance to buff, because they only take care of themselves, and if you lose the war, it’s the mm users, who are accused.

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These are some suggestions for you to become a pro user gamer on the Marksman hero. Everyone has to have a different style of play. Therefore, you can also send your suggestions to share with other Mobile Legends users via comments below the article.

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