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5 romantic couples in Mobile Legends

Have you ever thought of having a couple who love to play games, let alone have the same hobby as Mobile Legends? Mimin has a few recommendations that you can use for the third time with your crush. Here is a list of couples you need to know about.


At the first Valentine’s Day event in 2015, Clint and Layla were the first couple to be matched by Moonton. In the same role as Marksman, no one has been able to approach these two couples. You also get a skin called Guns and roses for Clint and Cannons and roses for Layla with a wedding theme where Clint wears a white tuxedo and Layla wears a wedding dress.


It’s really romantic, folks, two veteran heroes finally become partners in Mobile Legends. These two couples also have a Valentine’s Day skin that was released on February 14, 2021. The name of this skin is Sweet fantastic for Miya and Romantically fantastic for Alucard. Not to mention that Miya’s role as a shooter and Alucard as a fighter makes a good combination as a pair of heroes.


The third pair are two dangerous assassins and were the most feared heroes of Mobile Legends players, who else if not Lesley and Gusion. These two pairs are heroes who can seep even the very thick enemy armor. Moonton has also released two special pair skins for the king and queen of this dangerous assassin, namely Skins Dangerous connection for molding and skin Dangerous love for Lesley. There are not only skins, but also 2 battle emotes Gusion and Lesley Valentine’s Edition, which you can buy in the menu or give to your partner’s account Load.


They’re not just a pair of heroes like the heroes we talked about earlier guys. The two are lovers, with Cecelion being a character from Dracula, but also an actress in an opera show, while Carmila is a princess of a great empire. Moonton not only gave a love story, they were given as gifts Special skills which can only be activated when these two pairs meet. Speaking of skins, of course they also have them in 2021. They also released Valentine’s Day skins on the theme of Cece and Carila phantom.


This is good news for you tank enthusiasts. In 2021, Esmeralda and Khufra received the Mafia Mobile Legends version of the Valentine Skin with the name yesterday Money thief for Chufra and Love thief for Esmeralda. Although it looks like a villain, this skin still gives a romantic skill effect like any other pair of heroes. There are also two thief-themed combat emotes by Khufra and Esmeralda in the shop that you can use to create a romantic impression while playing with your partner.

Well, that’s 5 very compatible couples in Mobile Legends, complete with their Valentine’s Day skin. If you have any input on the hero couple, write it in the comments column and don’t forget to share it with your friends so that you don’t miss any other information about the game world.

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