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5 reasons to choose Hayato in outdoor fire, good at hand-to-hand combat

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Free Fire offers players many characters in the game who have special skills to aid players in battle. Choosing the right character and matching the survivor’s play style is an integral part of the game.

Hayato is one of the most popular characters in Free Fire. Even so, many players criticize this character for thinking that his abilities are inferior to those of other favorite characters. What exactly are the benefits of Hayato?

Here are some reasons Hayato is still worth the survivor’s choice.

Hayato’s ability

Hayato had great skills and that shouldn’t be ignored. This character has a passive ability called Bushido. After equipping a character, the player’s armor penetration increases by 7.5 percent with every 10 percent decrease in maximum HP. After advancing to level 6, armor penetration increases by 10 percent every 10 percent of maximum HP. After upgrading, Hayato can be a great choice to deal damage with.

Close combat

Indeed, Hayato is a popular choice for players who prefer hand-to-hand combat. In hand-to-hand combat, you will likely take some damage. This is where Hayato’s ability is very helpful. This ability allows players to increase armor penetration. They can knock down opponents with much greater damage.

Clash squad

Hayato is also a great choice for clash squad matches. As mentioned earlier, the ability allows the player to increase the penetration power of enemy armor, which in close combat does a greater percentage of damage from armor penetration.

Useful in skill combo

Hayato’s passive ability in Free Fire can be combined with the abilities of Paloma, Kelly, and K. The Paloma Arms Dealing ability brings AR ammunition without taking up space. Hayatos Bushido helps increase armor penetration and is a great combo for medium to long range players who like to shoot enemies from a distance. Kelly is also a friend who completes this combo. Its Dash ability with XP K regen and recovery can come in handy when players need to fight enemies at close range.

Expert in handling shotguns and SMG

Hayato’s armor penetration ability is most useful in close combat, especially for players who use shotguns or SMGs. With these two weapons, Hayato can become a deadly character. Shotguns and SMGs are deadly weapons in close combat. Hayato’s abilities can deal extra damage to opponents and take them out with a few hits.

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