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5 Most Banned Mobile Legends Heroes April 2021!

5 Most Banned Mobile Legends Heroes April 2021!

Based on Mobile Legends ranking data, a maximum of 5 heroes are blocked until April 5, 2021.

Everyone on the list, here’s the list, weirdo.

Natalia – 81.91%


Natalia is still the top ban on Legend and above as she can easily walk around with her passive skills if the players don’t want to let her go.

Natalia can roam and damage enemy junglers.

Brody – 77.65%

mlbb rank

Brody is still the top pick even if it fell off a bit after the nerf. While it’s no longer a hero too scary, it has been proven that the pain damage from the basic attack alone still makes this hero feared.

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Benedetta – 69.1%

benedetta support rrq hoshi

The versatile Benedetta hero can be placed in any lane. Again, despite a nerf, it’s still too risky to release Benedetta, as evidenced by the 69.1% of tires he gets.

Esmeralda – 56.06%

ML Hero with most M2 tires

Esmeralda is also a side heroine feared by many players with only slightly different hoops than Benedetta.

Although she was also hit by a nerf, Esmeralda is still in the top Sidelaner.

Paquito – 52.62%

Paquito MPL Season 7

The new hero who got this nerf is also still feared. With a passive that allows the ultimate skill spam twice, making it very risky to release.

It’s proven by half of Mobile Legends gamers who don’t let go.

Those are the 5 most banned heroes as of April 2021. In fact, those five heroes are still very scary heroes in the right hands.

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