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5 Mobile Legends heroes often used by BTR Branz

GAMEFINITY.ID, Singkawang – Recently there was news that an eSportsman in Mobile Legends had a problem, namely BTR Branz. This incident started when BTR Branz was streaming live on NimoTV when a woman’s voice was heard. This caused an uproar among internet users and eventually the video was removed.

But this time we are not going to discuss the problem. With all the noise, BTR Branz is one of the pros in Mobile Legends. He managed to get Bigetron Alpha a finalist for MPL ID Season 7 after performing well. Of course, it is also thanks to the hero he uses.

Then what are these heroes? Here the author provides 5 Mobile Legends heroes that are often used by BTR Branz.

1. Bruno

The first hero that Branz often uses is Bruno. Marksman Mobile Legends this one has a terrible ability. The reason for this is that this hero win rate is still 100% when played by Branz.

Bruno can be called the enemy of the tank drivers in Mobile Legends, as his attacks can increase the maximum critical chance by 20%. Worse, even tanks with thick armor can still penetrate easily, coupled with attack speed that makes the enemy incapable of attacking.

2. Benedetta

The next hero comes from a multi-role hero. This assassin hero has become a pick-and-ban subscription in MPL Season 7. This hero is so agile that it is sometimes difficult for opponents to catch him.

The advantage of the forest position is that he doesn’t have to run out of mana as he doesn’t rely too much on the purple buff. Even so, he still needs a cooldown to move faster.

3. Yi Shun-Shin

The next hero is Yi Shun-Shin, the best-selling sniper hero in MPL ID Season 7. Yi Shun-Shin has an ability that makes it impossible to stun, so that ability makes it difficult to kill.

Since this hero received a makeover, Yi Shun-Shin has become a favorite hero for many other esports athletes.

4. Granger

This fourth hero is always in demand in professional and amateur esports circles. Granger is used because it has a long attack distance and does not require mana and its escape skills that may not be able to catch up with the enemy.

5. Claude

This last hero is Branz’s most popular and widely used hero. This archer has an extraordinary ability to move places. While it does take quite a long time to scale, Claude can also be used as one of the main heroes in Mobile Legends.

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