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5 mistakes in ranked Epic Mobile Legends (ML) that you should avoid

These are 5 Rank Epic Mobile Legends (ML) Mistakes That Should Be Avoided, but Not Made!

Yes, some time ago the reset of season 20 took place and has entered the rank of season 21. Of course, many players have to play back to the rank of Epic Mobile Legends.

Speaking of Rank Epic, sometimes those of you who have experienced Rank Mythic may not be doing things that are wrong with that rank.

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And that also applies to those of you who want to push yourself back in the Epic Rank and move up to the next rank, do not make these 5 mistakes that are often made in the Epic Mobile Legends rank.

You don’t want to fill the required role

Mobile Legends ML Season 19 Draft Pick Ban Strategy
Source: Reddit

One mistake that is common when playing at the Epic rank is hitting players or doing this one thing.

Yes, I don’t want to fill the required role or be selfish. This can also be the beginning of a defeat during the game. So if you can avoid it and also fulfill the roles that are really needed.

Thirsty kill

Thirsty Kill Mobile Legends
Source: YT Potato22

The next mistake is thirst for kills, yes this is often found in epic ranks where players are too eager to get kills so mistakes often occur when the position is already won.

Forgot destination

Update the turtle season 19 mobile legends

Continuation of the previous point because it is related. Yes, usually players who are hungry forget to forget about targets like towers, turtles, lords and others.

Every time you come back, all you think about is team fights and looking for kills, not minions, jungles (for junglers), turtle targets and so on.

Don’t let that happen.

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When losing is still an ongoing team fight

Teamfight ml tips and tricks
Source: yt / 69 productions

This is actually still related to the previous point, but this happens in a losing position.

Even if you’ve lost kill points, usually at the Epic rank, players often force them to continue the team fight. Even if you already know that you cannot win, lose gold and lose levels. A little advice from SPIN Esports: if you lose, focus on your goal and keep farming, but stay vigilant for ganking.

Card blind

New features from Mobile Legends

Often occurs in the epic rank. Even if agriculture is strongly recommended, the card must still be taken into account.

If there is indeed a lane that is ganked as much as possible by the enemy, help can be given. If a teammate is actually dead, you can travel the lane for a while to avoid being pushed far by the opponent.

You also need to pay attention to this condition to avoid taking wrong steps or roaming.

These are 5 mistakes that are common in the rank of Epic Mobile Legends, don’t let them do it!

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