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5 Meta Mobile Legends HEROES that are overwhelmed and often selected / banned

Overwhelmed and often banned / used Hero Mobile Legends

5 META Mobile Legends HEROES who are overwhelmed and often selected / banned – Okay folks, this time I’m going to share 5 mobile Legends heroes who are often banned or drawn and who are overwhelmed in 2021. Especially since the season reset yesterday on September 25, 2021, you are certainly looking for suitable heroes to play again. overwhelmed. Okay let’s just move on, here are the heroes of meta mobile legends who are often chosen or overwhelmed.


Hero Helcurt Mobile Legends

Helcurt is one of the heroes turned into a dangerous top ban. Helcurt has the ultimate ability that can make his enemy heroes invisible on a map, and he also has a silent ability and has huge and fatal damage as well. for this reason, friends of the analog ml moba have to choose this hero or forbid them.


Hero Selena Mobile Legends

Selena is one of the mage / assassin heroes that came out only a few months ago and when it first came out this heroine has very good skills and is also very overwhelmed, with skill 1 being able to stun enemies for up to 5 seconds. But unfortunately, Moonton’s party weakened this Selena hero. But even if in Nerf heroine Selena is still very overwhelmed and is also often banned in epic, legendary, mythical levels because you can stun with skill.


Hero Minotaur Mobile Legends

Minotaur is one of the heroes who has rarely been used in the last few seasons. After that, Moonton’s group strengthened this Minotaur hero and his skills have done quite a bit of damage and can annoy enemies around him as well.


Hero Lunox Mobile Legends

Lunox is one of the newly released magician heroes and one of the heroes with 4 skills. The first time the Lunox hero was released by Moonton. This hero has an ability that deals very heavy damage and superiority. For this reason, this Lunox hero is often banned or picked up when selecting heroes.


Hero Hayabusa Mobile Legends

Hayabusa is one of the Assassin Heroes who has very sick and overwhelming skills. Why ? because he has the ability to flee from the enemy and also Hayabusa’s ultimate ability is very useful and can kill shooters with an ultimate when it is 1 on 1.

Okay, that’s all from the article Overwhelmed and often picked / banned Hero Mobile Legends 2021. If there is anything you would like to add, feel free to comment in the comments column below. Thank you. Regards analog moba. !


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