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5 interesting skins that Mobile Legends players wanted and wanted

GAMEFINITY.ID, Singkawang – As we know, Mobile Legends has quite a large collection of skins for Moba games. A hero usually has 3 to 8 skins that you can have. These skins usually have their own levels ranging from normal, epic, elite, specialty, collector, legend skins, and others.

Of the many skins there are of course some that are very interesting for Mobile Legends players because they have a cool look compared to other skins.

What kind of skins are these? Here we provide some Mobile Legends skins that are very much in demand and sought after by Mobile Legends players.

Saber – regulator

The first skin is a skin that comes from the Saber hero. Saber is an assassin-type hero who has the ability to attack enemies in one blow but is still deadly. Hero Saber is known to have quite a number of skins that can be used, one of which is a skin called the Regulator.

In appearance, this Skin Saber will add some extra full of armor like a cop. In addition to this, this skin also has animation enough to grab the attention of your teammates and enemies.

With the above benefits, you can get this Saber Regulator Skin for just about 899 diamonds.

Harith – EVOS legends

Next up is the EVOS Legends skin from Harith’s hero. Hero Harith himself is a magician-type hero with a high degree of posability. But uniquely, this hero does not have the CC ability that a Mage-type hero normally needs to have.

As for the EVOS Legends skin, you might already know the name when you hear the word EVOS. Yes, this Harith skin is an exclusive skin for the EVOS Esports team as it won the Mobile Legends M1 tournament. Therefore, this exclusive skin for EVOS is very popular with Mobile Legends players.

Gusion – K

Hero Gusion is one of the heroes who is in great demand by players because of his skills and handsome face. In addition, Gusion is also known as a hero who has quite a few skins, including K.

Skin K on Gusion is one of the best skins out there. This skin comes from the KOF collaboration and this skin is only available when the KOF event takes place.

Chou – dragon boy

The next skin is Chou’s hero skin called Dragon Boy. Dragon Boy itself is considered unique and attractive as it uses Chinese clothing with red and gold ornaments to make it look cool by some Mobile Legends players.

Chou Dragon Boy Skin can be obtained by doing Gacha in the Event Collection, Party Box, or KOF Event for a pretty expensive price.

Selena – STUN

The last skin comes from an assassin named Selena, namely Selena’s STUN skin. Please note that Selena’s hero, endowed with enough skills to become a support, is now loved by many players to be used as an in-game meta.

Selena also has several skins, one of which is cool, Selena’s STUN skin. Using this skin makes Selena look more beautiful with a music style theme.

Selena’s STUN skin is very popular with Mobile Legends players, but is relatively rare as it is only available at events with limited time. To get it you will have to prepare around 899 diamonds and wait for this skin to resell.

Those were some lists of interesting skins that are very much in demand and sought after by Mobile Legends players. Which of the list discussed above is your favorite?

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