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5 Hurt Hero Marksman Mobile Legends Season 22

OKEGUYS – Hero Marksman is the sickest in Mobile Legends, is now a mainstay for players and can certainly bring victory.

Each season of Mobile Legends is sure to feature several featured heroes.

Well, right now there are several Marksman heroes sick for this season. Curious? Let’s look at the following article.

The Painful Hero Marksman Season 22 Mobile Legends

In this article, Mimin has rounded up some of the sickest heroes in Mobile Legends, and they’ve gone through multiple seasons but are still OP, here are the ranks.

1. Nathan

Hero sniper injured
Photo: Mobile Legends

Nathan is the newest shooter in Mobile Legends, that one hero was released just last month.

Just released, Nathan is a subscriber to the ban, guys, because this hero is very sick and Robbery of life what is dangerous.

Where Nathan could fight 5 enemies alone (if it was done). Besides that. Nathan also has unique skills and is able to defeat enemies in the blink of an eye.

2. Yi Sun-shin: Hero archer injured

Photo: Mobile Legends

At the moment YSS or Yi Sun-shin is also the sickest sniper hero in Mobile Legends, folks, in my experience you only get 40 percent defeat if your team uses YSS from a 100% defeat.

Well, YSS itself is currently a hero focused on active skills and passive skills, with YSS doing greater damage to the enemy in passive skill mode.

3. Greger

Granger sniper hero is sick
Photo: Mobile Legends

Despite a nerf, Grenger can still be described as the sickest sniper hero in Mobile Legends, guys.

This is because it’s not uncommon for players not to use Grenger in Classic or Ranked Battles.

4. Brody

Photo: Mobile Legends

Next up is Brody, one of the snipers who is on Basic attack or critical damage it’s just boys.

Brody is a selfless hero Attack speed, but defense a lot and attack big damage like BOD.

5. Beatrix

Hero sniper injured
Photo: Mobile Legends

Well there are more guys out there, namely Beatrix, one of the heroes of Marksman Mobile Legends who is sick and has quite a few skills.

Despite the great damage, Beatrix is ​​also a heroine with a high level of difficulty, guys.

A few words, even if using a sick hero doesn’t mean you will win automatically, but it depends on how you play it and also mix up the build items.

Well, these are some of the most blatant heroes from Marksman Mobile Legends in multiple seasons. Which do you like to play the most guys?

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