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5 heroes who can make it easy for you to reach the Legend Division

How far is your account rank?

Or is it already a legend?

Every player would certainly like to be able to reach the current highest division in the Mobile Legend Game, which should achieve the rank of legend.

But the problem is that, of course, the higher our rank the enemies we face must also have greater abilities.

Because of this, it is very difficult to get the highest rank.

Apart from the ability of every player who has gotten stronger, it turns out that the usage factor and not the type of hero can also have an influence here.

The reason for this is because there are types of heroes that can make it easy for you to win when the game is scored.

Is that true?..

Whether it is true or not is a matter later for you to judge for yourself later.

But what I would like to emphasize is that there are many factors that influence a profit itself, for example as follows:

  1. Cohesion in the team
  2. Skills of each player
  3. No AFK
  4. Luck on our side

The above list goes beyond using specific heroes that can also have an effect.

So if you only rely on the use of good heroes, it won’t necessarily ensure that you can get victory.

To do this, first make sure that your team has or is using the four lists above.

Well, for any hero who can increase victory on your side, you can get some of my recommendations below:


How far down is your account at Rank 5 Heroes who can make it easy for you to reach the Legends Division?
Image source:

Maybe Irithel can be a lot better than Karrie now. Because, as we know, Karrie’s hero has lost a lot of attacking ability at the moment, and that doesn’t make it as terrible as it used to be.

Then Karrie’s role, which was previously very frightening, could be continued by another shooter, namely Irithel. The reason is to judge by this hero’s abilities at which he can attack while running, which will make the enemy think twice when trying to chase him.

In terms of ability, Irithel is also very capable of playing a very important role, having a slow effect from the first and second ability which will be very useful in case of war.


Image source:

Maybe a lot of the players don’t like this hero ..

Because the role of the Saber in a team is not considered to be that useful.

However, I emphasize the four lists above. Now if you want to increase the cohesion in the team, the Saber hero can play a very, very useful role.

One example is that he can become a hero who irritates the enemy with his 1 saber ability, and he can also move on multiple lines to aid in the attack, starting with his ultimate.

As long as it’s compact, the way Saber moves to different lines and attacks instantly with his ultimate attack will greatly affect victory.


Image source:

If I’m a little lazy with this tanker …

Yes, the reason is that the HP is a little – a little less ..

And Gatotkaca’s role as the tanker who can bring your team closer to victory was proven by the fact that his name was added to the list of heroes with more roles in the MSC tournament yesterday.


Image source:

Yes, that one fighter hero is very hard to beat indeed.

Using his ultimate ability, this Argus hero feels like a tanker who has a damage fighter.

Can you imagine that ?, hehe ..

Because of this, this Argus hero is a popular target for locked ranked games.


Image source:

This is an up and coming hero in 2017 ..

Harley is a hero mage who is currently considered to be the sickest.

If I judge it is very reasonable indeed because if you deal with it passively this hero is difficult to defeat, gets captured by the enemy and plays an important role on a team.

It looks like Harley’s abilities are less scary, but that doesn’t matter, but the point is the damage done by Harley’s own abilities.

So these are some lists of heroes who can bring you easy wins, but what you need to point out is that the above four lists can be met first. Source

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