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5 Hero Counter Esmeralda ML, don't let Esme move!

Counter Esmeralda
Counter Esmeralda

ViralOkay – Have you fought Esmeralda in a mobile legend game before? If so, it must be very difficult to fight against.

For this we give tips on how to counter Esemeralda so that he no longer moves.

Mobile Legends has many unique heroes that have their own special perks, including Esmeralda, who has the benefit of high burst damage, high regeneration, and is also strong from mid-game to late-game.

Drawing on the energy of the Starmoon Casket, Esmeralda manipulates Stardust and Frostmoon.

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Frostmoon gives a shield to the target or enemy and the damage done by Esmeralda ignores all shield effects and converts it to their HP.

It must be dizzy with the enemy taking Esmeralda in ranked mode, especially now that Esmeralda turns into an off-lane season.

To defeat Esme we have to make hero choices that benefit us, which puts Esmeralda at a disadvantage so that she cannot dominate the game.

Next to the Pick Counter Hero Esmeralda, next is the build stat that can make Esmeralda not move.

Immediately we discuss heroes who can counter Esmeralda.

5 hero counter Esmeralda

Here are the mobile legend heroes who can counter Esmeralda well in the game.

1. Thamuz


For the first highly recommended hero, Thamuz, Thamus is a hero with a role fighter who has lifesteal skills and high endurance that can be relied on.

Thamuz has a passive capable of causing burn damage or burn damage in the form of physical harm that the thick absorbent esmeralda can repay.

With his great life-stealing skills, Thamus can withstand the effects of Esmeralda’s abilities and change things.

If the opposing team gets a pick hero Esmeralda, then your team should immediately pick Thamus as it is very harmful to them. Don’t let the enemy get these two heroes.

2. Valir


The next hero is Valir, with a role mage and very good crowd control that can push enemies away and the damage done is very great.

Using Valir to assist in the line-up against opposing teams using Esmeralda is very beneficial to our team.

Because Esmeralda needs a short distance to inflict damage / stack shield absorption on our teammates.

With the presence of Valir, who has the Scorching Torrent skill, this can have a knock-back effect on Esmeralda, preventing her from staying on the hero team, which can bring teammates to safety.

Coupled with a passive skill from Valir called Ashing, which can burn the target every second in the form of magical damage equal to 0.6% of the opponent’s maximum HP, lasts 4 seconds.

The Passive Skill is certainly very painful for Esmeralda as it is able to burn out the absorption that is counted as Esmeralda’s own blood.

3. Belerick


Esmeralda’s next counter-hero is Belerick, this hero with this tank role can prevent Esmeralda from moving freely.

Belerick is very rarely used these days, although it has had a makeover, unfortunately, players are still not interested in using it.

Belerick is a tank that can counter Esmeralda very well.

His first skill, Ancient Seed, was able to stop Esmeralda at close range because of the mocking effect that caused Esmeralda to step in the skill’s path.

So Esme loses the ability to stack your teammates and collect cc.

Followed by the ultimate ability, which has a large enough area to stop the enemy that Esmeralda cannot move for a long time.

4. Career


For the role of archer, the best counterattack recommendation is Esmeralda Karrie, as she is able to quickly consume Esmeralda’s thick absorption with her sick true damage.

Karrie has a passive skill called Lightwheel Mark that, when collected on Stack 5, deals real damage equal to 6-12% of the target’s maximum HP.

The passive skill that Esmeralda’s absorption can do no longer works as the absorption, which is counted as Esmeralda’s HP, is consumed by Karrie’s true damage.

The benefit of the next career is that the Spinning Lightwheel only skill can prevent Esmeralda from moving with a slow 80% effect that lasts while she is exposed to the skill.

5. Kaja


Next comes Kaja, Kaja is a hero with a fighter or support role.

Kaja is the most effective Ciduk hero in mobile legends at stopping any hero, whether it is a hero with blink skills, agile hero, or lifesteal hero, all of them can be stopped by Kaja.

Since Kaja has an Ultimate Skill called Divine Judgment, which can immobilize the selected enemy while reducing the enemy’s magical defense for 1.5 seconds, it is quite long.

This way Esmeralda cannot move and without absorption that is the chance to kill Esmeralda.

Well, those were some of the Esmeralda counter-heroes to rely on, although there are actually plenty of other alternatives.

Even heroes like Nana can make Esmeralda a loss because the duration of Nana’s ability to turn enemies into cats is long enough.

Esmeralda can’t stand damage mages with high penetration either like Gusion, Karina and also Guinevere, which according to Mobile Legends are written in Esme’s book of weaknesses.

Remember Avoid choosing a hero who has the ability to absorb because it was so profitable for Esmeralda makes the shield thicker and harder to stop.

Item build to stop Esmeralda

Item Build Anti Esme
Item Build Anti Esme

With item builds you really have to be careful so that Esme doesn’t move, doesn’t make it more dangerous.

First I have to remind you of this Athena’s shield not bought in your item selection as it only provides food for Esmeraldas Absorb Shield and it is very profitable to be disastrous for your own team.

Here are the build items that Esmeralda can easily counter and make it easy for you to win.

1. Demon hunter sword

This item is an excellent choice for MM or Riflemen and also fighters as it offers a unique basic passive attack that deals 9% of the target’s remaining HP as additional physical damage.

2. Sea halberd

This item can reduce Esmerald’s HP regeneration with a unique basic passive attack that reduces the HP regeneration effect by 50% for 3 seconds, overwhelming Esme.

3. Endless struggle

This item deals additional real damage from physical damage. The next basic attack does 60% additional physical damage, as Esmeralda can absorb real damage through it.

4 glowing wand

Skill damage burns the target for 3 seconds, dealing 1% of the target’s maximum magical damage, using up Esme’s absorption, can be used by mages / assistants.

5. Necklace of the Durance

Reduces the opponent’s regeneration effect by 50% for 3 seconds, just like Sea Hellebard. This is used on mages / support heroes to reduce Esme’s blood regeneration.

6. Oracle

This item is actually a recommendation for tanks or hunters who need additional defense against Esmeralda and strengthen the regeneration of our hero’s HP, as a replacement for Athena’s shield, which cannot be used on Esme.

7. Cursed helmet

This item is recommended for tanks as it deals 1.5% magic damage equal to the opponent’s maximum HP, helps consume Esme’s absorption, and offers magical defense resistance.

8. Though boots

The final item from Counter Esmeralda is Though Boots, these shoes can be used in any role, provide additional magical defense and reduce the enemy’s crowd control effect.

Now. That was our recommendation for the best Esmeralda counter and also the best build item to stop Esmeralda.

What do you think, whether you agree or not, give your opinion in the comments column.

The last word

That’s it for this article on 5 Hero Counter Esmeralda ML, Make Esme Not Move! hopefully useful for ML lovers.

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