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5 differences between Free Fire and Sausage Man games

GAMEFINITY.ID, Singkawang – The world of mobile games is currently enlivening with a new battle royale game, Sausage Man. Sausage Man is said to be similar to the Free Fire and PUBG Mobile games.

However, Sausage Man has a few differences to the Free Fire game. What are the differences? Here we introduce 5 differences between the game Sausage Man and Free Fire.

1. Graphics

The first difference between Sausage Man and Free Fire is in the graphics. In the Sausage Man game, the graphics used are more of a colorful theme but still full of other simple elements. So the concept of Sausage Man, which presents a fun battle royale game, can be found here.

While Free Fire’s graphics are presented with realistic and detailed concepts. We can see the realistic concept on the map, which is very similar to the situation during the battle.

2nd door

As we all know, while Free Fire has realistic graphics, this game doesn’t have doors on all buildings. During the game Sausage Man, almost all wakes are provided with a door by the developer.

This, of course, creates a debate between Sausage Man fans and Free Fire fans. Although the advantage of the absence of the door is that the game is not difficult in order to minimize the occurrence of delays for the players.

3. Vehicles

Free Fire, which is still sticking to its realistic concept, will of course generally present vehicles that exist in the real world such as trucks, Lamborghini, Jeeps and Bajaj that sound like lawnmowers.

While in the Sausage Man game, the vehicles in this game are quite unique. One of the vehicles is a pig named Lil Pony, then UFOs, bomb bombs and even flying dragons are available.

4. Character

In Free Fire, characters are presented to you in the form of people who are ready to fight. Of course, this is done taking into account the realistic concept of Free Fire. You can also find some famous people here, starting with Ronaldo, DJ Alok, Joe Taslim, Saitama and others.

While in the Sausage Man game, as the name suggests, this game has a sausage-shaped character, but legs and arms. This cute and funny character will fight his enemies.

5th gear

In Garena’s game called Free Fire, players can only get equipment such as bags, helmets and armor up to level 3. While you can get this gear up to level 4 in Sausage Man, it will of course be more difficult for you to defeat.

Which of the 5 differences between the 2 games above is your favorite game?

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