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5 coolest skins in Mobile Legends 2021, is Gusion Legend included?

This is a list of the 5 coolest skins in Mobile Legends in 2021, the SPIN Esports version. Is the Legend Gusion skin included?

More than 500 skins that you can see in the Mobile Legends game and that number can keep growing every month.

Now on that, SPIN Esports tries to round up the 5 coolest skins that have been in Mobile Legends so far (April 21, 2021). Is there anyone?

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Selena virus

The first is the Selena Virus Skin, this skin is inherently limited and can only be obtained at certain events at that time or when Moonton opens the price for this skin.

There are a total of 6 skins that Selena currently has and the virus skin is what we think is really cool. The skill effect of the skin feels more special, Selena’s appearance is even more beautiful than with other skins.

Granger – Agent Z

Then there’s the Agent Z skin from the Granger hero. This skin is included in the Skin Collector category, the quality of which has been guaranteed by Moonton.

The skill effect of this skin is very cool, not to mention the sound effects of these skills that add to the game spirit.

Chou – dragon boy

The third is Chou’s skin called Dragon Boy, of the many skins Chou has for whatever reason, Dragon Boy is the coolest according to SPIN Esports.

The effect skill is pretty cool, as is the face and Chinese New Year theme which makes Dragon Boy really cool.

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Alucard – legend

Then there is Alucard’s legend skin called the Obsidian Blade. This skin was popularized by gamers for its cool effects skills, background sound, etc.

Not to mention, the look of Alucard itself has changed drastically, which adds to the coolness of Alucard’s skin.

Gusion – legend

After all, the Legend skin is from Gusion, the quality of this skin is undeniable. The price is proportional to the skill effect, appearance, etc.

You will definitely agree that this Gusion Legend skin is every MLBB player’s dream skin.

What do you think weirdo, would you like to add something else? Write in the comments, okay!

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