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4 tips to become an assassin knight in Mobile Legends

Hero Assassin (Karina)
Hero Assassin (Karina)

In Mobile Legends game there is an Assassin type hero, which means a killer, which means that this hero is used by users who like to play underhanded or sneak and hide to kill a butt or attack from behind. Well, for you, Hero Assassin user, here is what you need to practice in order to become a true Assassin Knight

1. Farm and steal enemy buffs

The first thing you have to do is farm so that your level is faster than your opponent, and no less important is stealing enemy buffs, since assassin heroes can kill jungle monsters very quickly, slow in leveling up heroes.

2. Don’t build wrong

In terms of building assassins, it shouldn’t be arbitrary as this hero is different from the mm or fighter hero. If the fighter or mm hero can get his blood back through LifeSteal builds, the assassin hero is better suited to restore his blood with the spell vamp build, why is that because the assassin hero is a hero who only has skills and Must use ultimate abilities, as opposed to fighters and MMs who actually use mostly basic attacks.
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3. Lock up enemy heroes

In war or in the fight against heroes, assassins should not attack carelessly, because we have to lock down the core hero of the enemy, for example, by first targeting the weak like MM, mages, support opponents, so we have to exterminate these type of heroes first.

4. Must steal guns

The next assassin’s job, which is no less important, is to destroy the enemy’s tower, because it will allow us to pursue the enemy more freely so that they cannot take cover in the tower, and even better, we can use the buff of the Take the enemy free because they will think twice about getting out of the base as the tower has been completely destroyed and therefore there is no safe place outside the base.

That is the assassin’s job that you do to become a real assassin knight who can lead the team to victory in Mobile Legends game

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