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4 formations to try in Mobile Legends

When playing the Mobile Legends game, you need to use a path formation to win the game easily. However, not just any formation can be used. There are several formations that you can use. However, the line-up may not be good for your team. Well, here are 4 line formations that you need to try out in Mobile Legends game!

4 Line Formation You Must Try in Mobile Legends

1. Education 2-1-2

This formation is the most commonly used formation by players. This line places 2 heroes in top lane, 1 hero in mid lane and 2 more heroes in bottom lane. Usually Mid Lane is filled with role-shooters or magicians heroes.

2. 1-1-3 formation

The next lineup is 1-1-3. This line-up places 1 hero in top or bottom lane, 1 hero in mid lane, and 3 heroes in top or bottom lane. The placement of the heroes based on this formation will determine where the turtle is. For example, if the turtle is in bottom lane, there will be 3 heroes in bottom lane and 1 hero in top lane. And vice versa, when the turtle is in top lane. Usually the lane placed by 1 hero is usually a role assassin or a mage hero.

3. 1-3-1. training

The odd formation to try is 1-3-1. This line-up places 1 hero in top lane, 3 heroes in mid lane, and 1 other hero in bottom lane. Mid Lane must be manned by heroes who have Rage Mage and Tank.

While the top and bottom lanes are occupied by heroes who play the role of sniper or assassin. This formation is a must as you can tease the enemy in mid lane and it may be too late for the enemy to farm.

4. 1-1-1 formation and 2 roaming heroes

This formation in each lane must be occupied by a hero who has the role of a sniper, assassin or magician. While 2 other heroes who have a Hunter or Tank role roam to each existing lane. So if there is a hero who needs help in every lane, he will easily help the hero who asks for help.

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